Gaming publishers are gradually moving in the direction where they use in-house create engines across a variety of their studios, not just one. Ubisoft is one of the leaders in this trend, and Massive’s Snowdrop Engine is the beast blazing a path. Most of you know about Snowdrop’s involvement with The Division. However, did you know of its impact on Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle?

Snowdrop certainly showed well when Massive crafted The Division out of it. It provides a new style of visuals that no other Ubisoft engine can provide. Incredible depth and detail are a result of the technology. The publisher doesn’t just see power within the engine, as its versatility and flexibility are also key factors.

Ubisoft isn’t just using Snowdrop to create games like The Division and Mario + Rabbids. They’re also using it to create the upcoming game, South Park: The Fractured But Whole. In an exclusive interview with We Write Things, Andrea Babich, who is the lead narrative designer on Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, spoke about the Snowdrop Engine.

“As you probably know, we are using Snowdrop Engine, originally developed with The Division in mind. Then, Snowdrop was used on such diverse games as Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle and South Park: The Fractured But Whole. I’m not the most technical person in the team, but it looks like Snowdrop is quite the versatile engine!” Babich said.

It is a powerful piece of technology and it is great to see it bring to life other games. Not only are these titles outside of Massive’s space, but they’re so visually different. Both South Park and Mario + Rabbids come alive thanks to the technology, and each has a very different look from The Division. Babich spoke further about the effective combination of Switch and Snowdrop.

“But then, when I say ‘engine’ I’m not really thinking about a static development tool you double click on your PC screen, rather about an ever-evolving software in the hands of a team of engineers that pour blood, sweat and tears to adapt it and get the max out of it.

“The cool thing is that, even before optimization, the game on Nintendo Switch looked really promising, and any developer knows this is never obvious when working on new hardware! So if development went well it’s also because of the nice encounter between Snowdrop engineers and Nintendo hardware!” Babich said.

Nintendo Switch will receive Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle a week from tomorrow. The game launches exclusively on Switch this coming Aug. 29. It’ll be great to see the full picture on how this game shakes out. Stick around here at We Write Things for more from our interview with Andrea.

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