One of the most surprising and fun looking games that appeared at E3 2017 had to be Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. The upcoming turn-based tactical game turned heads at the show and it’ll arrive a week from tomorrow. Nintendo and Ubisoft realized what an oddly perfect fit these two franchises are and now, the result could be great.

The Rabbids have been around longer than the unusually similar film group of goofballs, the Minions. In fact, the Rabbids have a very rich history in gaming, but soon they are going to be featured like never before. Ubisoft and Nintendo saw what both worlds had that could make a winning formula and they went for it.

Mario tends to be the hero in most of the games he stars in. On the other hand, the Rabbids always put on a humorous display, no matter the context. Add both of these worlds together and you can get quite the entertaining result. In an exclusive interview with We Write Things, Andrea Babich, who is the lead narrative designer on Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, talked about how the two worlds blend together.

“When we started doing initial animation tests with Mario characters and Rabbids, we instantly knew we hit on something. They both are very strong on physical comedy! Yet there are some differences: Mario characters are somehow more heroic, ‘lawful’ so to say, while Rabbids are mischievous, chaotic. Mixing these two attitudes we were able to get this great contrast– you have the good guy and the crazy guy, they interact and boom! Something funny is bound to happen,” Babich said.

I know how this game plays on the Switch and not only is combat a blast, but gameplay is hilarious. Seeing Rabbids in Mario character costumes is adorable and funny. Rabbids are everywhere in this game, both on the side of good and bad. My favorite Mario + Rabbid character so far is the Pirabbid Plant. Babich went onto talked about an enemy type she really loves.

“As the Rabbids invaded the Mushroom Kingdom, many crazy transformations ensued. I love a lot the way the Enemy Rabbids merged with elements of the Spooky Trails area. The spooky zones of Mushroom Kingdom are always surprising in Mario games, and if you add Rabbids to the mix things can get really weird. In particular, there’s a ghostly opera singer that is already becoming quite a sensation,” Babich said.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is nearly here, as the game launches a week from tomorrow. The game will be available on Aug. 29 exclusively for Nintendo Switch. Stick around here at We Write Things for much more from our interview with Ubisoft.

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