Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment (WBIE) is quickly approaching the launch of the highly anticipated open-world title, Middle-earth: Shadow of War. Set in between the events of The Hobbit and The Lords of the Rings trilogy, Shadow of War looks to establish a bridge between the two tales.

Furthering the excitement of the upcoming game, Shadow of War received a new trailer that highlights orcs and the tribes they belong to. WBIE reckons orcs will all belong to a specific type of tribe. This extends their influence that stems from Overlords who rule towering fortresses.

This will help provide a “rich ecosystem of missions, exploration and a dynamic orc society with diverse orc” cultures. All of this is thanks to Monolith Productions’ Nemesis System. This is receiving many enhancements in Shadow of War and will look to embellish upon what made Shadow of Mordor great.

In a new trailer from WBIE, gamers can get a look at the Terror Tribe. This particular faction relies on their reputation to instill fear upon those throughout Middle-earth. If you wish to check out the new trailer, you can do so above.

This will mark the first time gamers have seen Middle-earth since its sterling debut back in 2014. Additionally, Monolith Productions is hoping its improvements to the Nemesis System will push the series forward. While ambitions feels high for the Nemesis System, whether or not the execution is precise remains unknown.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War will be making its debut on all platforms this Oct. 10. They include Xbox One X, Xbox One, PS4 Pro, PS4 and PC. Gamers “will be engrossed in a richer, more personal and expansive world full of epic heroes and villains, iconic locations, original enemy types, more personalities and a new cast of characters” with unique stories to tell. Stick around here at We Write Things for Shadow of War.

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