Lion Game Lion has been deep in development over the past few years working on an unknown project. The studio is outstanding when it comes to creating great first-person shooter experiences, and now gamers know when their next one will arrive.

Starbreeze, Lion Game Lion and 505 Games are confirming Raid: World War II will launch on PC this coming Sept. 26. The game will then make its debut on PS4 and Xbox One on Oct. 10 in North America.

Raid: World War II is a four-player co-op first-person shooter set during, you guessed it, World War II. More specifically, Raid: World War II takes place when the German war machine tore through Europe. Gamers will bring hope to those in dire needs when the game debuts this fall.

Stealth mechanics and excellent sound design are among the highlights gamers can look forward to. Unique character classes, hero special abilities and players customization will be part of Raid as well. From uniforms to weapons, gamers establish their own identity in Raid: World War II.

Locations will feature “real-life, war torn” areas where visceral combat took place. Gamers will get to sabotage, rob and assassinate their way through the Naxi regime. Ilija Petrusic, who is the game director at Lion Game Lion, talked about the announcement.

“The goal in RAID: World War II is simple – sabotage, assassinate and pulverize everything bearing a swastika – mess with Hitler and steal his treasures. With the Nazi regime as the ultimate evil, RAID brings together four unique characters with playstyles that complement and enhance each other as they fight and steal across Europe,” Petrusic said. 

Gameplay will be class based, as you can choose from four different ones. They include Assault, Recon, Insurgent and Demolition. Each possesses a skill tree to enhance various playstyles. All classes will have a War Cry ability that buffs themselves or their entire team.

Players assume the role of Great Britain, the USA, Germany and Soviet Union, and each will have a unique look. Weapon mods are definitely part of Raid, as those include custom barrels, fore grips, optic sights and more.

Should you find a favorite mission, Operations Mode provides an extended experience for it. This challenges gamers to go through a “chained series of highly modified raids,” which feature new narratives and additional objectives. Challenge Cards give players the ability to customize the rules of a raid. Examples include increases in enemy ammo drops, increased player ammo counts and more.

Raid: World War II will take you to Berlin, Elbe and plenty of other European locations. Gamers can pick up the game this coming Sept. 26 on PC. PS4 and Xbox One gamers will receive it on Oct. 10 in North America. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on Raid.

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