Virtual reality (VR) continues to evolve its place within the gaming industry. Oculus and HTC are growing their install bases, while PlayStation VR (PSVR) works to push its own strategy. Many expected Microsoft to reveal some sort of VR plan for Xbox One X at E3 2017, however, that was not to be.

You may sit there and think there is a grand plan for VR on Xbox One X, but that may not happen. Microsoft is evaluating the value of having VR on Windows versus Xbox. As far as Microsoft goes, it seems as though the former is the ideal platform to house VR.

According to Microsoft, Gamers will need to show a significant amount of interest in making VR come to Xbox One X. Microsoft’s Mike Ybarra confirmed that Windows is the ideal platform for VR and confirmed they are not focused on it coming to console anytime soon.

“Really it’s about us listening to customers and developers about where they want to prioritize their time and energy in creating assets that they are. Right now, what we see, what we hear and what we believe is Windows is the best platform to do that on.

“[Windows] is a completely open platform. There’s developer momentum with Valve, HTC, Oculus and others. Today, the focus is making MR on Windows absolutely successful. We’ll continue to listen to the fans about MR and VR in the console space and prioritize that and the other features that we [have]. I don’t have anything to say about MR or VR on console outside of the focus of that right now is on Windows,” Ybarra said in a new video.

This does not mean that VR will never come to Xbox One X. Its power will always make it a legitimate option for VR, but the demand needs to be there. If the demand is there, you can be sure Microsoft will start supporting VR on Xbox One X. However, it sounds like it’ll need to be more than a vocal minority to get VR on Xbox One X.

Xbox One X is going to launch this coming Nov. 7. The system will be available for $499 and pre-orders will open soon. Expect pre-order details to come at Gamescom later this month. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on Xbox One X.

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