For an established franchise, it can be difficult to find new forms of innovation. Innovation can come in the way of a structural switch, gameplay change or setting alteration. Established brands can see incremental evolution, but rarely do we see total overhauls.

Next year will see the debut of Far Cry 5, and it will have a number of changes. The setting is moving to the United States for the first time ever, thus bringing a new villain. Joseph Seed is the fanatical cult leader behind Far Cry 5‘s conflict, but our story is about changes to the game’s new guide.

In previous Far Cry games, players would follow the mini-map for navigating each world. This feature is changing thanks to the new compass that will guide gamers along. In an exclusive interview with We Write Things, Far Cry 5 lead writer Drew Holmes spoke about how the compass is part of a bigger vision for Far Cry 5.

“I think the focus has been on giving players a deeper sense of exploration, making sure you’re paying attention to the world around you, what’s in front of you and who is there to guide you on the path. There’s been a lot of changes in terms of the structure of the game. After the opening moments of the game, we want to give you a full 360 degree approach to everything.

“You can choose to go north, south, east or west. We’re not guiding you along a set path of missions. There’s no radio towers to go click on and find out what’s in the world. Moving from a mini-map to a compass allows you to explore. It forces you to stop paying attention to one section of the screen. Instead, it forces you to engage with everything around you,” Holmes said.

Having played Far Cry 5, I do enjoy the new compass feature. It does a fine job of guiding you along and is very easy to decipher what is what. Getting familiar with new icons and what they mean will take time for everyone to learn. I do think in the long-run, the compass creates a bit more of an immersive experience, rather than the classic compass approach.

Next year’s Far Cry installment will deliver a new, yet familiar face for the series. The game takes place in Hope County, Montana and it will release on Feb. 27 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Stick around here at We Write Things for more from our interview with Drew.

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