Having an in-house game engine can be a big deal for a developer. Not having to reach out to a third party for game engine support means having a original, profound understanding of what makes your game tick. Many developers around the industry enjoy this luxury and it includes several PS4 developers.

The folks over at Guerrilla Games are the ones who created the Decima Engine. Its tech was used on the recent game, Horizon Zero Dawn, and it brought forth a world like gamers have never seen before. The Decima Engine is a very powerful piece of technology and Guerrilla Games is working to advance it further.

Horizon Zero Dawn is just one example of the experiences Decima can create. Developers at Kojima Productions are working on Death Stranding and Decima is driving their game. Listen to Guerrilla Games‘ Hermen Hulst speak about the efforts going into the game engine for the future.

“Technology has always been one of our key strengths. It’s Michiel van der Leeuw’s, our technical director’s, brain child. Decima builds on the legacy of Guerrilla. It dates back to the late ’90s when Michiel wrote his first code. It’s always been very central, but I would argue that the biggest leap that our technology has undertaken has been with the rebranding of our technology into Decima.

“And that was all on the back of the incredible challenge to go open-world and to make it ready for Horizon Zero Dawn. It was a tremendous challenge for Michiel’s team and the progress they’ve made has been fantastic. It’s something that we’re investing in heavily and it’s very important to the studio,” Hulst told Interactive.

Horizon Zero Dawn displays one of the most beautiful open-worlds so far in 2017. The game is absolutely stunning and contains so many reasons to stop and admire its majesty. Plenty of titles do this, but Horizon Zero Dawn did it on a completely different level.

Guerrilla Games is working on a brand-new expansion pack for their recent open-world. This coming Nov. 7 will see Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds make its debut. The add-on will be available for PS4 and PS4 Pro. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on Horizon Zero Dawn.

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