Lienzo is the studio behind the upcoming adventure game, Mulaka. Currently in development, the studio continues to roll out new bits of information about the new title. Today, Lienzo is releasing an excerpt from a track that’ll be in Mulaka when it finally launches.

Those who are looking to take a listen can do so below. This track is from the Lake of Arareko level, and can also be found on Soundcloud. When players experience this level, it’ll take place during nighttime. Lienzo reckons this will provide a “soothing yet eerie” feel to the world.

The Lake of Arareko is a landmark of the Sierra Tarahumara region. This area is surrounded by a forest of beautiful pines, which provides a fairy tale look. As We Write Things found out in a previous interview, all of Mulaka‘s “real-life locations come from the region of Chihuahua, Mexico.”

Lienzo is creating a beautiful world in Mulaka and it’ll be arriving later this year. Folks who are looking to check out the game can do so soon. Lienzo will attend Encuentro de Juventudes on Aug. 12. A week after that, the studio will also be attending Gamacon from Aug. 18 through Aug. 20. A full list of the events it’ll attend are viewable here.

In Mulaka, the gods have judged the human race as a disappointment and want to destroy it. This is the decision so the gods can start again, however, players must intervene. They’ll do so with the help of demi-gods and with their trust, humanity’s survival may yet endure.

Lienzo isn’t saying when exactly Mulaka will launch, but we know it’ll debut on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Folks can expect the new game to drop sometime this year, as that was what we were told when we chatted with the studio. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on Mulaka.

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