Later this month, Square Enix will release the first episode in Life is Strange‘s new prequel. It will be a return to the beautiful and unique world Dontnod established back in 2015. Life is Strange: Before the Storm debuts in a matter of days, and it is bringing with it an excellent musical offering.

Square Enix is announcing the indie-folk band Daughter will be featured in the game’s upcoming soundtrack. On Sept 1, gamers will be able to pick up the original music score, “Music from Before the Storm.” Glassnote Records and 4AD are publishing the album. The soundtrack will include additional licensed tunes as well as two classic songs from Daughters’ back catalogue.

As previously reported, Life is Strange: Before the Storm will run a total of three episodes long. The first is coming on Aug. 31 of this month and is available on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Jon Brooke, who is the vice president of brand marketing at Square Enix London, talked about the news.

Life is Strange is a game that evokes a lot of emotion in people and, alongside great storytelling and characterization, it’s music that plays a huge role in this. It was really important for us to find a great collaboration for original music alongside our licensed tracks to capture the raw emotion of our game and Daughter fit that bill perfectly.

“Once we’d heard all the tracks for the game we really wanted the album to have a full release so our fans could enjoy them over and over. We’re really thankful and excited to be on the brink of a Life is Strange Daughter album release, we hope everyone enjoys the tracks as much as we expect,” Brooke said.

Life is Strange is easily recognizable for its unique music and the way it pairs with what’s happening in the game. It did a marvelous job of creating the ideal feel in the first game. This new pairing with Daughter will surely add great depth and emotion to the events of Before the Storm. Daughter Lead Singer Elena Tonra gave her two cents about the news.

“We are so proud to have written the soundtrack for Life Is Strange: Before the Storm. It was our first experience working on an original soundtrack, and are so honored to have been given the opportunity to work with the team.

“We loved the story on first read as it centers around realistic female lead characters who are emotional, intelligent, sensitive and badass in equal measure. I think the characters themselves have really inspired the soundscapes we have created. It was a pleasure to be involved,” Tonra said.

Gamers can pick up “Music from Before the Storm” this coming Sept. 1. You can listen to the track “Burn It Down” now through this link. Folks can also pre-order the soundtrack here if they wish. Those interested in the track list for the upcoming soundtrack can check them all out below:

1. Glass

2. Burn It Down

3. Flaws

4. Hope

5. The Right Way Around

6. Witches

7. Departure

8. All I Wanted

9. I Can’t Live Here Anymore

10. Dreams Of William

11. Improve

12. Voices

13. A Hole In The Earth

Back at E3 2017, Square Enix showed off a solid chunk of gameplay from Before the Storm. If you’re looking to get a peek at what’s upcoming, check out the video above. While Deck Nine Games is the studio behind the prequel for Life is Strange, but Dontnod is working on a proper sequel.

Square Enix isn’t saying when exactly the sequel will arrive, but Before the Storm will be a great feature in the meantime. Gamers can pick up Life is Strange: Before the Storm this coming Aug. 31. The title is available on PS4, Xbox One and PC. You can check out our preview of the game from E3 here. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on Life is Strange.

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