The Dead Rising series has seen several new releases since the beginning of the new generation of consoles. Both Dead Rising 3 and Dead Rising 4 are excellent open-world experiences that provide hours of entertainment. The studio behind these titles is Capcom Vancouver and now, they’re adjusting leadership.

Capcom is announcing that a new studio director has been named. His name is Tim Bennison and he’ll also serve as the chief operating officer. Bennison is a man with over 20 years of experience in the video game, tech and digital media industries. As of now, there is no word what games the studio is working on now.

Last year saw the release of Dead Rising 4 for Xbox One and PC. The game takes players back to Willamette, CO and stars series’ great, Frank West. The world is massive and deadly, but gamers have plenty of options for kooky weapon combinations and vehicles. It is a true playground and all that matters is how players use it.

Bennison is reporting to Kiichiro Urata, who is the CEO of Capcom U.S.A and Capcom Vancouver. It’ll be interesting to see if the studio continues working on Dead Rising games or if their next game heads in a new direction. Kiichiro spoke about the big announcement.

“As our Chief Operating Officer and Studio Director, Tim will serve a vital role as a strategic partner for myself and the entire senior executive team. Tim will be responsible for the growth of Capcom Vancouver with a focus on quality, efficiency and commitment to our greatest asset – our people. We look forward to having him join and expand the passionate, talented team at Capcom Vancouver and position the studio for continued success,” Kiichiro said.

Capcom Vancouver isn’t announcing any new projects at this time. Surely we’ll find out more in the months ahead. In the meantime, Dead Rising 4 is available on Xbox One and PC. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on Capcom.

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