What’s loaded with cheese and might leave you full of regret? Wazee Supper Club’s pizza. We thought there was no such thing as too much cheese, but we might have been wrong.

Brooke: Our fourth Pizza Quest destination was an old LoDo staple: Wazee Supper Club. Based on the name you might not even know that Wazee Supper Club gets down with the ‘za, but head into the spot and it becomes apparent that pizza is a great specialty of the house. A good portion of the menu is given over to specialty pies covering a broad spectrum of flavors.

But, we didn’t end up sampling those carefully prepared bites, most of us were drawn in by the lunch special. It’s tough to beat $8 for a 10″ pizza with two toppings. We did splurge on a mac and cheese-based app called Amazeballs — pretty tasty stuff.

Thomas: Wazee is a long time Denver pizza spot. I remember liking it quite a bit… it was like a portal back in time to a greasier, heavier kind of pizza. To a time before pizza was fancy. The kind of pizza you could imagine green, reptilian sewer mutants devouring. I remember Wazee as a dingy, dark cave where you could imagine some beat up old arcade machines running Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter II in the corner. Well… it turns out, they remodeled into a somewhat stylish, modern-ish, maybe a bit bland-ish space. But that pizza! Well, that pizza is just as dense, greasy and heavy as ever.

B: Before we set off for this outing, Wazee Supper Club was categorized by veterans as retro pizza. The kind of pizza you might have expected to see at a pizza parlor after a soccer game as a kid. The kind of pizza where you life up a slice and the cheese stretches in cartoonish tendrils.

All of those descriptions were pretty spot on. Our personal pizzas were pretty tasty in the moment, aggressively cheesy, generously topped and well seasoned. But soon enough, we came to realize that most of that in-the-moment joy was the result of a lot of grease and a lot of salt. This Quest isn’t for the faint-hearted, and this effort earned us our first pizza hangovers. As much as we love cheese, we can’t see that a good deal on decent pizza was worth dehydration and worse.

T:I didn’t hate the taste, though I wish it had a more unique flavour… but Wazee is a tough eat. You may be able to cram the whole cheese laden disc into your face space, but give it an hour and you’re going to be hurting. Not long after leaving, I felt the rumblings of regret, as though oily Orcs were invading Moria. I don’t think you’re getting anything here that you aren’t getting from a frozen box pizza. It was just a little sad, and it reminded me that I’ll never recapture the pizza parlour experience of my youth, that is trapped in the slowly degrading, amber blob of my mind.
Mediocre pizza and existential angst? Count me out.

Pizza Quest

B: Wazee Supper Club was fun while it lasted, but we don’t see a lot of repeat visits in the cards.
Do we recommend Wazee Supper Club?

T: I’m sad now. Don’t go here.

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