With the exception of Ubisoft, E3 2017 turned out to be a little light in the upcoming games department. Sure, there were a few reveals here and there, but it was a down year compared to E3 2016. E3 is now out of the way and Gamescom 2017 stares gaming straight in the eyes. Perhaps some bigger news will come at the show?

Some companies may have left big announcements for the upcoming European showcase. Sony seems to have left a bit out of their E3 showing, as they typically have reveals for Paris Games Week (PGW) as well as PlayStation Experience (PSX). Both events happen toward the end of 2017.

Microsoft put on a great performance at E3 2017, so it’s unlikely there will be any major game announcements at Gamescom 2017. However, Xbox always puts on a solid showing at Gamescom, and this year likely won’t be any different. In an interview with We Write Things, Michael Goodman, who is the director of digital media strategies at Strategy Analytics, spoke about what he’s looking for from Gamescom 2017.

“Gamescom 2017 is the one I’m hoping we can have a little bit more sizzle on the software side. We still have Gamescom and Tokyo Games Show. My hope is that we’ll get a little more sizzle on the games side. I think companies have become a bit more strategic in how they execute their announcements.

“They don’t just announce everything at E3 [anymore]. I think they’re a lot more spread out to make sure they have stuff saved for other shows as well. I think both Microsoft and Sony have held some announcements back, so they have games to announce later in the year,” Goodman said.

Microsoft brought over 40 games with them to E3 this past June, so it would be impressive if they still had more to share. On the other hand, Sony probably still has announcements they are going to make sometime this year. Even if Gamescom isn’t when they do so, PGW and PSX will likely be when.

Spacing out launches is something many publishers are doing these days. Rather than just releasing everything during the fall, many firms are deferring to the first six months of each year. 2018 doesn’t look any different and Goodman believes this is a reflection of the newfound strategy.

“I know Microsoft wanted to make a conscious effort to spread out launches more. They didn’t want to have as many simultaneous launches within a short period of time. At the end of the day, the idea is consumers at home only have so much money to spend. So they don’t have $400 or $500 to spend on games. By spacing them out more, you actually get more purchases.

“From a publishing perspective, it’s a matter of quality over quantity. Quality isn’t a necessarily fair metric, but are you going for volume in terms of publishing or are you trying to go for fewer titles in the hope that you’ll get more [sales]? At the end of the day, it’s all about quality. If you produce a title that people want, they’re going to buy it. They make not get it on launch date, but they’re going to get it,” Goodman said.

While publishers may be altering their strategies on game releases, there are still many coming out this fall. It’ll be interesting to see what exactly comes from Gamescom in the way of news this year. The show begins Aug. 22 and runs through Aug. 26. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on video games.

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