New console launches tend to stir up quite the commotion among all within the gaming industry. Even those who aren’t familiar with the business experience the majesty of a new console’s launch. This coming fall will see the Xbox One X launch, but it doesn’t exactly feel like a new console launch should.

When we take a look at the launch of PS4 Pro, its release lead up wasn’t exactly the most hyped thing either. It is funny how much investment is put into these systems, but somehow, the original consoles still see far more hype. That said, mid-gen upgrades aren’t as crucial as new generation releases. However, Microsoft is still working on bringing Xbox One X out this fall. The climate will likely heat up a bit more when Gamescom 2017 arrives.

With all the momentum Microsoft is supposed to have, the Xbox One X hype machine seems a bit lame. In an exclusive interview with We Write Things, Michael Goodman, who is the director of digital media strategies at Strategy Analytics, spoke about what is behind the current lull in Xbox One X’s pre-launch schedule.

“For Microsoft, you’re launching an expensive new console and it has all these new bells and whistles with processing power and memory. You want to show it off. Maybe Anthem will show it off, but right now the hype machine is not really there. We’re a week away from August and five weeks from September where we really start to think about the holiday selling season. People starting buying for the holidays in October,” Goodman said.

Time of the year is surely a reason for the lull in hype for the new system. Pre-orders not currently running is another reason behind the lack of buzz for Xbox One X. However, Microsoft is confirming pre-orders for the new console will take place soon. A betting man is going to place his money on Gamescom 2017 for when pre-orders open.

While Gamescom happens at the end of this month, it still feels like a late start to pre-orders for Microsoft. It’s true that the delay in pre-orders for Xbox One X may not have been entirely in Microsoft’s hands. Still, it is absolutely a factor when it comes to anticipation for the system. Perhaps Microsoft will open them sooner? We’ll see what Microsoft can do to jack up the hype machine for Xbox One X in the days ahead. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on Xbox One.

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