Our great Pizza Quest continues with Marquis Pizza, a counter service joint that’s attached to Lodo’s Marquis Theater.

Brooke: Real talk: We loved Marquis Pizza so much we went back twice … in less than a week. If we thought Anthony’s was a a decent approximation of a pretty average slice of New York style pizza, Marquis is a great approximation of a pretty great slice of New York style pizza — and it comes complete with an authentic, barely there seating space and counter service.

Thomas: Once upon a time, Lodo was packed to the brim with hipsters. If you purchased food items, they would likely be aggressively flung at you by a bearded, tattooed fellow who felt like you were wasting their time. Well, those days are gone… but you can almost-kinda-sorta remember those times by purchasing Marquis Pizza. I’m not saying the service here is bad… no, it’s just a bare-bones experience. You’re going to be standing on the sidewalk outside of the place (because there isn’t really seating), cradling a paper plate while clutching your heavy, folded over slice. And you’re gonna love it.

B: The slices are Marquis are SUBSTANTIAL. They’re actually too big for the flimsy paper plates they are served on. All three corners pour over the rim. It’s glorious. And the price? You can’t beat it. For $3 you can get a slice of cheese or pepperoni. For $5 you can get a premium slice. And hear this, these premium slices are delightful. The combinations are bold, and most importantly delicious.

Look at this beauty:

Marquis Pizza


T: It’s decidedly harder to write about Pizza that is awesome. And Marquis is awesome. The crust was crunchy, light and balanced well with the pizza composition. The texture here was a notch above the previous top-notch. It’s a pleasure to bite into. The cheese and sauce situation netted out somewhere above ‘pretty great’ and below ‘life changing’. I get giddy when I find a place with actually creative custom slices, and not just the typical 5 menu items. The musical themed (this place is in a theater, remember) punny menu items available here please my sensibilities, and they were delicious to boot.

B: If you’re a pizza purist, it’s tough to beat the sharp flavors, bold seasoning and piping hot freshness of a Marquis slice fresh out of the oven.

Pizza Quest

T: We can’t recommend it enough. Go there, eat some pizza, come back and agree with us. We’re waiting.

And if you’re after the no frills evaluation, it’s simple.
Do we recommend Marquis Pizza?
Emphatically, yes.

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