Pitching games can be a very challenging prospect for developers. Coming up with an original, yet engaging idea is a tough thing to accomplish particularly when you think of all that has been done. Even for developers with the best of resumes, getting a project green-lit is a challenge.

This, apparently, is true of the process the new God of War went through before ultimately getting the thumbs up. The new God of War for PS4 made its debut at E3 2016, and it took gamers by surprise. However, ever since ideas were first thrown out about what this game would be, immeasurable time and effort has been put in.

Sony Santa Monica’s current vision is to illustrate Kratos with his son, Atreus, and the dynamics between them. This, however, wasn’t the easiest of sells for the game’s director to pull off. Director Cory Barlog talked about the reactions he received internally when presenting the new vision of God of War.

“I got very strange reactions from team members at first. The elevator pitch was Kratos has a son. It was literally just that. Then I had to explore what that meant and all the little light bulbs started to turn on. Like, what kind of father would he be?” Barlog told DailyStar.

This is something Santa Monica knows now, however, that question is not easy for anyone to answer. The fact that Kratos is such a larger than life figure and you’re talking about a very human question, that contrast is something that surely added difficulty to deciding what kind of father he’d be.

Kratos and his son are living in a brand-new world. It’s an strange land for Kratos, but it does give him a fresh start of sorts too. While it seems unusual for an icon like Kratos, Atreus is someone he needs. Barlog explored this concept and the relationship between the two further.

“Kratos has escaped a little bit of his past, but he is in this alien world and this kid is actually a necessity for him. He can’t understand some of the things people are saying, he can’t read writing on the wall, so to complete the goal they’ve set out to do, Kratos needs his son, just as much as his son needs him.

“It’s this symbiotic relationship and Atreus is the human side Kratos lost so long ago. On the other hand, Kratos is teaching him how to be a god, because to him being a god is this horrible disease so he’s trying to prepare him for what Kratos believes will be a life of misery,” Barlog said.

The next God of War is potentially the beginning of a new set of games for the series. Santa Monica is planning on making more than just this initial release. We’ll see how things shake out when God of War launches on PS4 and PS4 Pro early next year. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on God of War.

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