PS4 Pro and Xbox One X are the mid-generation console upgrades from Sony and Microsoft, respectively. The former made its way into retailers during November of last year, while the latter will arrive this coming November. Both systems are more powerful than their predecessors, but they sure do have differences.

Many console owners are wondering what the tangible, visual differences are between the systems. This is going to be a hard answer to truly discover because the base models still hold down most versions of games. Developers are “trying” to push PS4 Pro and Xbox One X versions of games, but the current advancements seem negligible.

All of this said, what exactly is the difference between the two consoles? This is something console gamers want to know, particularly those who are considering picking up either system this fall. Boss Key Productions lead designer Dan Nanni explained what comes to his mind when trying to separate PS4 Pro and Xbox One X.

“Tech always plays a part in what you can do and sometimes you have to come up with creative solutions that handle different technological differences. Sometimes the platform itself offers different types of ways to interact with the platform like PSN versus Xbox Live. Taking advantage of those sometimes introduces new complexities.

“As far as gameplay, so long as you have dual analog sticks, two triggers, bumpers, four buttons, a D-pad, all of that still transfers. It gets a little difficult if you have a control pad with less buttons, but it’s not necessarily a different in gameplay short of the tech or hardware preventing us from doing something,” Nanni told We Write Things.

The power within the Xbox One X is without a doubt one of the most promoted aspects of the console. Microsoft loves talking about the specs and the teraflops, however, what does it all equal in the end? Are Xbox One X’s capabilities more than what they are made out to be?

“No I don’t think it’s more than its made out to be. Power, performance, memory, all of these things allow us to put more into the game. The more memory you have the more we can load into it. With console, having that limited memory, its not like PC where I can get more RAM, well [on console] you can’t. The memory you’re given is the memory you have for the entire experience.

“Sometimes you have to make decisions to pull things out of the game because you just don’t have enough. That’s where the differences in consoles can sometimes lie. At the end of the day, 60 frames per second (FPS) is where you’re capped. That’s because our TVs are generally capped at 60 frames per second. As long as you maximize the power of that console and deliver that experience, it’s not like we can go over that, that’s what we’re going to aim for,” Nanni said.

It is interesting to note Nanni’s reason for why games won’t run above 60 FPS on consoles. Modern day TVs are becoming extremely advanced in their technology. You would think eventually there will be models that come along and support a frame rate above 60. Maybe that is the next frontier for the majority of home TVs to conquer?

Boss Key Productions will bring LawBreakers to gamers everywhere on Aug. 8. The new shooter will debut on PS4 and PC, with an Xbox One release highly expected in the months after. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on LawBreakers.

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