An effective story needs to have compelling characters, both good and bad. In some cases, an antagonist can be one of the elements that takes an experience to new heights. For the writers on Crackdown 3 though, they hope the latter will be the case when the game launches this Nov. 7.

Jon Goff, who has participated in previous projects like “Spawn” and “Jack Rabbit,” is penning the narrative for Crackdown 3‘s campaign. Tomorrow, Crackdown 3 will receive a panel at San Diego Comic-con, and new story details will come too. Further news on characters and the development of the game have been promised by Microsoft. A “special guest” is also scheduled to attend the panel alongside Goff.

During the panel, Jon will talk about his part in creating Crackdown 3‘s story. He’ll also get into the details of how he became involved with the project as well as influences Jon hopes to add into the game. Goff spoke about how this project differs from past ones and the villains in Crackdown 3.

“With Crackdown, I wouldn’t say it’s like working on comics and games like Destiny and stuff I’ve done with Halo, because I’ve done a lot of [work] with heroes and building the world through the hero’s eyes. The fun thing we’re getting to do with Crackdown here, though we still have the hero and the agents … I’m getting to spend a lot of time with the villains. We’re building this cadre of villains that are enemies you love to hate,” Goff told Paste.

Entertaining enemies that taunt or tease the player are some of the best. Being able to drive emotions from gamers is a tough thing to do, but Goff hopes to accomplish just that. He went on to speak about working on Crackdown 3 and then described the many systems in it.

“That crucible of creativity, and developing a game like Crackdown 3, there are so many systems and so much gameplay and so many things the player can do, and to be able to fit badass characters that you want to punch in the face in the middle of that, it’s a blast,” Goff said.

Microsoft’s Crackdown 3 will launch this coming Nov. 7 for Xbox One and Windows 10. The game will debut alongside the Xbox One X system. It’ll be interesting to see how this experience shapes up and when or if it receives a multiplayer beta prior to launch. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on Crackdown.

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