The first Life is Strange had Chloe talking an awful lot about Rachel, but there was never much evidence of how their relationship actually came to be. In Life is Strange: Before the Storm, players will have the chance to understand the history between Rachel and Chloe.

Square Enix released a new video highlighting the voice actors that bring the characters in this new game to life. Ashley Burch served as the voice of Chloe in the first title, however, she’s only back as a consultant for Before the Storm. Rhianna Devries is the one who will bring Chloe to life.

In the new Life is Strange: Before the Storm video, both Rhianna and Ashley speak about Chloe as a character. Rhianna gives insight into the perspective that she uses when voicing Chloe. The junkyard scene is a powerful one where Chloe speaks about the lose of her father, and admits what she’s really looking for.

Deck Nine Games is the developer behind Before the Storm and they have some words to share with the players. “We are extremely happy to have been able to involve Ashly Burch in the creation of Before the Storm as a writing consultant – she has truly helped mold the younger Chloe Price into the character you will play.

“This new video provides some key insights from Ashly and our lead writer Zak Gariss, on what it has been like to create a brand new story at a time where our lead character is facing such rawness of hurt, in so many facets of her life,” Deck Nine wrote.

The voice over director from the first Life is Strange is working with Rhianna on prequel to “ensure the level of performance and emotion is on par with the” first Life is Strange. Gamers will be able to get their hands on Before the Storm this coming Aug. 31.

The first episode, “Awake,” will launch then, and two more episodes are to subsequently follow. Players can pick up the game on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on Life is Strange.

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