The RPG genre possesses some of the most unique and original games we see each year. Coin Operated Games is working on a very interesting RPG of its own and it’ll arrive this fall. They are announcing the new Neo-Victorian RPG, Empyre: Lords of the Sea Gates. 

The game is going to launch for PC this coming fall, though exact date is known quite yet. Plenty of veteran developers are working on this title. They all bring experience from studios like Crytek, Codemasters, Gameloft and Creative Assembly. Taking place in Neo-Victorian New York around 1911, Empyre is a top-down isometric RPG.

This game looks to harken back to some of the incredible stories found in RPGs during the 90s. Real time/turn-based combat will add a unique ingredient to Empyre‘s gameplay. Planning Mode allows gamers to assign actions to characters prior to battle. Action Mode then sees all characters execute moves at the same time. This will make combat more fluid. Unlike what you would typically see in a turn-based game, this style eliminates the waiting of characters attacking one at a time.

New York is a bit of an alternative one in Empyre. The whole city is flooded by rising oceans and citizens must learn how to live with so much water, though none of it is drinkable. As you search for fresh water, gamers will meet companions along the way. Human and “inhuman” threats are teased for the enemies that await gamers. John Randall, who is the creative director of Empyre, talked about the concepts and goals of Empyre: Lords of the Sea Gates.

“One of the things we strove for when designing Empyre is authenticity during an ‘Age of Technical Wonder’ in the United States, the Gilded Age. For example, the New York City we all know is the city in this game, and history buffs will recognize many iconic locations that existed in the city during the 1910s, but with a unique, waterlogged twist.

“People and society exist and act as they did in the early 20th Century. We feel this level of detail will give players a one-of-a-kind experience that they haven’t seen anywhere before,” Randall said.

Historic accounts appear in the game through items like patent medicines, poisons and tonics. Lots of the quests and missions in this game are all part of things people in the 19th century would have experienced. Empyre: Lords of the Sea Gates will release this coming fall on PC. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on Empyre.


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