Nintendo’s newest console the Switch is experiencing a very successful launch thus far. Stock of the console is difficult to find at retailers worldwide. As each month passes, new and exciting software continues to arrive on the system. Nintendo seems to be in a great spot with Switch, so much so that it may even take the place of one of its most successful systems.

Ever since the Switch made its debut back in March of this year, the elephant in the room has been what will the company ultimately do with its popular handheld, 3DS. The hardware is arguably the most successful system for Nintendo over the past half decade. They owe a lot to the 3DS and the gamers who have supported it.

That said, as the Switch continues to grow, there will likely be a day when 3DS is no longer necessary. But when will that day come? It does not sound like it’ll be anytime soon, according to Nintendo. Nintendo’s Doug Bowser spoke about the possibility of Switch taking over the handheld space for Nintendo.

“I walk away from the session not sure if I got any definitive answers, but what’s clear is that the state of handheld over at Nintendo is still nebulous in light of the Switch’s successful, but very recent, launch. As Nintendo maintains this state of adaptability, it’s entirely possible the 3DS will become a thing of the past, but with such a bulky back catalog of games and one of the largest games libraries in console history, it’s still got a few years left,” Bowser told PasteMag.

It is premature to say the Switch will be replacing the 3DS soon. However, once Nintendo can get its affairs in order, that day is one that will arrive. Taking the massive 3DS library and bringing it over to Switch will surely be at the top of the list of must-do’s before the 3DS moves on completely.

Nintendo possesses a very nice place within gaming right now. They are constantly producing excellent software for both 3DS and Switch, so drastic changes aren’t necessary. The firm should just enjoy the ride and growth of Switch before they think of removing 3DS. The duo are quite capable of taking back a significant share of the console space for Nintendo. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on Nintendo.

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