New hardware typically faces shortages and high demand from early adopters. This is a general result of popular hardware, and Nintendo Switch falls under this category. The system continues to struggle to stay in stock at retailers, but Nintendo says they aren’t responsible for the massive Switch shortages.

This is not a new problem for a piece of hardware to go through high demand and low supply. Past Microsoft and Sony consoles saw this happen with their early life-cycle months, so it’s not unique to Switch. Hopefully this holiday will see more stock of Switch so gamers who want to adopt can.

But who is to blame for the Switch shortage? This isn’t exactly a topic or question that I’d bring up, as it’s just a product of a popular system early in its life-cycle. However, Nintendo’s Shinya Takahashi went on record saying the Switch shortage is not the fault of Nintendo.

“I apologize for Switch’s shortage, which is unfortunately not our fault. But as our president announced a few days ago, we were able to improve our production line, which means that we will be able to deliver more consoles for the period that is opening up,” Takahashi told Le Monde via NintendoEverything.

I want to be fair about this because the shortage is and it isn’t Nintendo’s fault. I can see arguments about manufacturing being slower than what’s desirable. At the same time, I can see arguments that Nintendo should have been better prepared for a hot launch. It is not like Nintendo doesn’t want every person who wants a Switch to have one. They absolutely do, but manufacturing takes time.

Personally, the shortage is just something that happens with most consoles. It is nothing new and Nintendo should not be criticized for it. If you are really that driven to buy a Switch, then follow companies like Amazon on Twitter. Their Video Games Twitter routinely announces updates, like they did today for Switch.

I got lucky as my boss told me about the alert, so I was able to snag a Switch today. The system is in high demand, so Twitter notifications really can help. Gamers can stay in touch with retailers to be alerted when Switch is back in stock. That said, I totally understand that it is frustrating when you’re not able to pick up a console you really want.

However, just because it’s in low supply that doesn’t mean the Switch shortage is all on Nintendo. I mean, who could fault them for manufacturing any less systems after Wii U? I’m not saying they did this, but if they did, could you really fault them for that?

More consoles will be made this year and if you really want to pick up a system, the day will come soon. Holiday 2017 will likely be a time when inventories increase dramatically, at least I expect that. Nintendo Switch Finder seems to be a decent website to follow for Switch stock updates. Wal-Mart has a mailing alert you can sign-up for when new stock becomes available.

Anyway, Switch is off to a great start and continues to be a hot item in gaming. Nintendo seems to have once again shaken up the console scene effectively, and the industry will be better off as a result. Several major upcoming Switch titles are Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle and Super Mario Odyssey. The former will debut on Aug. 29, while the latter arrives on Oct. 27. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on Nintendo.

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