PlayStation Plus has showcased some excellent games ever since the PS4 launched. That said, Rocket League is arguably the crème de la crème of all PS Plus games given for PS4. While there have been solid lineups for PS4 gamers over the past few years, this coming July’s lineup is the best.

Sony has revealed Plus subscribers will receive the exclusive Until Dawn and Game of Thrones on PS4 this July. The former was the choice-heavy title created by Supermassive Games and it is an excellent experience. Additionally, Telltale’s franchises continuously show up well when released, and Game of Thrones was no different.

Some months that do compete with this month’s are ones like February 2015. That month’s PS Plus provided gamers with Transistor from Supergiant Games. Tim Schafer’s Broken Age was a part of the program during October of the same year. These experiences are quality but they don’t hold up to the dynamic duo that’s coming next month.

Sucker Punch’s last release is technically inFamous First Light. It is an expansion to the full release of inFamous Second Son, which debuted in early 2014. For First Light, the expansion appeared on PS Plus in December 2014. It is only an expansion, however, and bows to July’s lineup.

September 2016 is perhaps the best month of PS Plus we have seen, second to next month of course. That month featured the PS4 version of Journey as well as the RPG Lords of the Fallen. The former is an obvious PlayStation legend, while the latter is an interesting RPG from CI Games. I’m afraid these fall, ah thank you, short of July 2017’s upcoming lineup.

In terms of how many players a single title attracted, Rocket League will likely forever be the PS Plus game of the generation. It simply took gaming by storm and the fact that it debuted on Plus is still amazing. Kudos to Sony forever for making that deal happen, however it went down.

Alas, July 2017 still takes the cake for me as far as PS Plus games go. Until Dawn is a fabulous experience and I think folks who haven’t played the title will truly enjoy it. The twists and turns of the narrative, plus the outcomes based on your choices are amazing. Having never played Game of Thrones, I’m thrilled to see how this choice-driven experience comes across, particularly since Season 7 is right around the corner.

For folks who are curious, PS Plus games on PS3 include Tokyo Jungle and Darkstalkers Resurrection. PS Vita gamers will receive Element4l and Don’t Die, Mr. Robot, the latter of which is a PS4 cross buy. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on PlayStation.

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