Microsoft is inching closer to the Nov. 7 release date for Xbox One X. Coming off of the heels of their solid E3 2017 showing, Microsoft has still yet to say when pre-orders will begin for the console. While the days pass by and E3 becomes a distant memory, Microsoft continues to waste a golden opportunity with Xbox One X.

It is astounding to me that Microsoft has yet to open pre-orders for Xbox One X. With the massive effort they put forth at E3 2017, you would have thought they’d open pre-orders right then and there. Capitalizing on the impulses of some and encouraging those driven by the hype seems to be a great recipe for immediate pre-orders, right? It is the most non-gaming thing to do, not to have pre-orders open right then and there.

After all, what was the point of the massive E3 2017 press briefing, if for nothing else, than to get people to buy an Xbox One X on the spot? That was Microsoft’s big moment. That was the time when they would immediately convince people, or not. At no other point this year will we see such hype for Xbox One X then what we saw at E3. And now because of Microsoft’s inaction, the hype is lessening.

I’m sure Microsoft has plans for Gamescom 2017, and that will be a platform for stirring up some level of hype again. Who knows? Maybe then will be when the company opens pre-orders? Actually, Gamescom 2017 takes place during the end of August, so that would be shockingly late.

I do think there could be a bigger issue or topic that’s keeping them from opening up pre-orders. How many consoles are manufactured seems to be a factor that’s not thought of until there’s a shortage. Perhaps Microsoft is still zeroing in on how many units they’ll have to sell this November?

It wouldn’t be smart to oversell when the inventory isn’t there to support the demand. With the tall $499 price tag though, maybe that’ll keep a shortage from happening. The price, after all, is higher than any other console on the market. Xbox One X looks to have a lot going for it, but things need to happen for it to snatch the place in the console market that Microsoft wants it to snatch.

Ultimately, I believe Microsoft needs to allow developers to create Xbox One X exclusive games in order to truly maximize the hardware. This provides true incentive for buying the system, something many believe it is lacking. I’ll speak about this more in depth at another time, but this is a major problem facing it, and the PS4 Pro, right now.

The FCC’s approval of Xbox One X is the “official” reason for why pre-orders are on hold. While this is the public facing reason, it is still a bit odd when you consider Xbox One didn’t face this issue. After Microsoft’s E3 2013 briefing was held, pre-orders opened up a matter of hours after.

Microsoft is not that inept to allow a formality like an FCC submission to keep them from having pre-orders begin on time. Secrecy is not an acceptable reason in this case, particularly because Xbox One’s secrecy was far more important than Xbox One X’s. It may be the public reason for why pre-orders aren’t available, but I’m not convinced it isn’t something else entirely.

Announcing pre-orders were open at E3 2017 was the smart thing to do and Microsoft abstained. There won’t be another opportunity like E3 to speak about Xbox One X until next summer. Microsoft needs to get their rear in gear and open up pre-orders for Xbox One X already. Time is closing in for launch and hype from E3 is fading fast. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on Xbox One X.

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