Over the course of its history, the Far Cry series has taken gamers across the world. We have seen sun-drenched islands, prehistoric man and the tallest mountains in the world. Ubisoft loves to bring its players to different locations throughout the world, and Far Cry is a leader in that regard.

Far Cry 5 is the newest iteration in the franchise and it’ll arrive early next year. For the first time in the history of the series, a Far Cry game will be taking place in the United States. Hope County, Montana is where Far Cry 5 will happen, to be exact. This fictional region will deliver a vast open-world, with diversity both in its terrain and cast of characters.

While Ubisoft insists Far Cry 5 is not directly inspired by the current state of affairs in America, there are similarities that cannot be ignored. The idea of a religious extremist or those who use religion as a way to rule or oppress is quite topical. Whether you look at our own country or the globe at large, religion is a hot topic.

Far Cry 5‘s cult group is known as Eden’s Gate, a religious group that overtakes Hope County. Joseph Seed is the mastermind of the cult and he leads Eden’s Gate on their quest for total control and obedience. Through persuasion and violence, Eden’s Gate prevents locals from contacting the federal government for aid.

Eden’s Gate at work in its quest for dominance and obedience (Courtesy of Ubisoft).

Local law enforcement officials try and arrest Seed, and they eventually lose their lives. This is where the player steps into the violent conflict between Eden’s Gate and the remaining locals left to fight against the cult. The player will find aid in the form of locals in town as well as animals throughout the region.

Guns For Hire and Fangs For Hire are features that will allow players to call in additional combat support. There will be three options in these categories: Nick Rye, Grace Armstrong and Boomer. Nick is the high-flying crop duster, who can bring destruction from above. Grace is the bartender with deadly accuracy, thanks to her sniper rifle. Boomer is man’s best friend who can turn into an enemy’s worst nightmare. It is your choice who you want to bring into battle.

When I played Far Cry 5 at E3 2017, I went with Nick Rye since death from above was more my style. The level I played had me start in a field and then I made my way into a small town. In town was where a slew of Eden’s Gate soldiers were, and I had to take them all out.

I climbed to the top of a nearby water tower, and grabbed the sniper rifle that was there. Sniping is incredibly rewarding and is a stealthy way to eliminate enemies who are by themselves. Once I had sniped five enemies, I called in Nick to take out enemies who were standing next to a truck.

Boomer working hard to get you the firearms you need (Courtesy of Ubisoft).

Nick flew in and dropped bombs on top of them, killing a handful of soldiers and blowing up their truck too. Gamers do have a finite amount of times they can use Nick (he can only carry so many bombs), so you’ll need to be wise about when you use him. After he dropped the bombs, my cover was blown and it was time to fight.

I raced down the water tower and engaged in open combat. Enemies were quite intense in how they swarmed around me. Some sought cover and made it difficult for me to take them out. Others came straight at me, forcing me to react quickly. After circling around the battlefield and taking enemies down one by one, I had completed the objective of eliminating the threat.

From there, I drove over to a nearby river. There I found Mr. Nick Rye himself fishing in the pond. For those wondering, yes, you can pick up a rod and fish for yourself. Fishing is fairly straightforward, while still providing a challenge. This is great for gaining fish skins to craft new gear or gear improvements.

After I had caught a few fish, I went over to Nick, who gave me my next mission. It was time to hop into his plane and take out a trio of targets. I was able to drop bombs on several enemy targets, and then a moving truck convoy. The demo ended with a fight between myself and an enemy pilot who had taken to the sky. The action was fun, fast and felt very rewarding.

Taking time from the resistance to grab a drink (Courtesy of Ubisoft).

Flying in Far Cry 5 feels really good, as it is challenging, but doesn’t prevent you from enjoying the experience. Combat, both when dropping bombs and aerial combat, feels smooth and accessible. Given all of the systems in Far Cry 5, I feel like there is a nice balance between challenge and allowance for flying.

The personalities and people in Far Cry 5 will certainly be striking cords with folks in our country. I expect to find a diverse blend of suspects you’d expect to find in a region such as Hope County, as well as some that defy the assumptions of common city folk like myself.

Far Cry 5 has the potential to be a powerful game next year. If its narrative can tell a compelling story, and its characters can stand true alongside it, we could have a Game of the Year award nominee on our hands. I do think story will be incredibly important for Far Cry 5, or at least, there is a major opportunity for connection. Hopefully Ubisoft recognizes the power within this setting and narrative.

Ubisoft will be releasing Far Cry 5 this coming Feb. 27, 2018 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. We’ll have much more on the game in the coming days. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on Far Cry 5.

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