Whenever any sort of new hardware launches, the conversation almost always centers around price at one point or another. This is such a small aspect of what makes up a console, however, it is an incredibly important one. Price is the entry point for gamers to adopt new systems, and it is always a topic of discussion.

For the Xbox One X, Microsoft didn’t reveal a price until this past E3. Prior to the event, many gamers were hoping the price would check in around $399, but that was not to be. Microsoft confirmed Xbox One X’s price of $499, which the company believes is a fair, even incredible, value for gamers.

Xbox One X will launch this coming Nov. 7, joining the Xbox One and Xbox One S systems. This will round out Microsoft’s offerings, at least for the near future. Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg recently spoke about Xbox One X, its price and a reality facing the new system for this year.

“It is ultimately giving gamers more choice. The fact is today, in order to experience true 4K gaming, a lot of people are spending a thousand, couple thousand dollars on systems to do that. And that’s great, we’ve been supporting that. But, we believe, there is an opportunity in the console space, at scale, to bring a box with this much power at this price, it’s an incredible value.

“We designed this purposefully with no compromises in power or performance to deliver true 4K gaming [in mind]. It is something that’s significantly ahead of anything that’s out there today…This is a premium product. This is for someone who really wants the very best. Ultimately, we’ll sell more Xbox One S consoles this year than we will see with the X. That said, this is the thing people want to talk about,” Greenberg told the Spawn On Me podcast.

Xbox One X will come with a 1TB memory storage, double the memory of the original Xbox One that launched with back in 2013. The new system will be capable of running games at native 4K as well as supporting higher frame rate. First party games are where the most innovation will likely take place.

This coming fall will see the release of games like Forza Motorsport 7 and Crackdown 3. Microsoft will then launch Sea of Thieves as well as State of Decay 2 during the early part of next year. Xbox One X will debut on Nov. 7 for the price of $499. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on Xbox.

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