It’s a well-known fact that we here at We Write Things embrace the mantra Levity Not Brevity. Indeed, this site exists in large part as a result of long, rambling conversations we’ve all had about the very topics we feature on the site. It’s been suggested to us that there’s a certain quality — we’ll call it charm, you can choose your own descriptor — to these conversations that must be heard. There’s something in the banter that makes us at least mildly entertaining to at least some people.

And so, we said, “We have two microphones, let’s podcast!” And we did. Enter: We Discuss Things. Admittedly, the first effort was … well, we didn’t know what we were doing.  We still don’t know what we’re doing, but we managed to reel in our banter a bit and we actually planned a topic or two!

So, if you’re anxious to hear the crew sample bizarre potato chip flavors and share reactions, discuss the merits of Vin Diesel, guess the plots of upcoming movies and indulge in a number of tangents, we’ve got the perfect podcast for you.

Stick around, we’re going to keep ‘casting, and we might even figure out what we’re doing one of these days. Until then, enjoy some nice unadulterated chatter on We Discuss Things.

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