Bend Studio is working on a new open-world, action game and you probably have heard about it. It’s called Days Gone and it is quickly becoming one of the most anticipated games of all upcoming PS4 titles. The game received a second stirring demo during Sony’s E3 2017 press briefing. Showing the game behind closed doors, Sony ran the same demo, but revealed a very different way to go about it.

The demo starts off just as it did a few days ago with Deacon racing off on his bike to find his friend Manny. After passing the dead body on the road, Deacon continues to ride into the woods. In our demo, Deacon stopped prior to being knocked off his bike by the line strung across the road.

Instead, Deacon quietly snuck behind the line and could see the two enemies who were waiting. These two were sitting behind rocks as they waited for a helpless soul to strike their line. Deacon then shot one nearby and melee attacked the other. He then inspects the bike, similar to the first run, and heads on down the trail into the woods.

Prior to doing so, Deacon picks up an axe as well as a large medkit. Resources and weapons will be scattered throughout the world of Days Gone, so players will need to keep their eye out for what’s around them.

It is very cool how this alternate path meant avoiding a cutscene/quicktime event. I’m not sure how many games I’ve played where I can make choices and the result is avoiding a cutscene. That creates a new type of replayability for gamers, and is a very intriguing concept altogether. How will this idea applying to the entire experience? That will be intriguing to find out.

Deacon then went into the forest where he came up to the camp of enemies. He picked up a bear trap and set it down near a sign. After throwing a rock at the sign, one of the enemies goes over to investigate and gets his leg stuck in the trap. Screams of pain ensue, attracting his buddies. This time, Deacon decides to stick around the camp.

Since the man wouldn’t stop screaming, his allies decided they had no choice but to shoot him. After killing their comrade, Deacon stealth killed one enemy with his knife and then tossed a moltov cocktail at the other three, killing them instantly. He then returned back up to the road where a lingering enemy was.

Deacon slays an unexpected threat (Courtesy of Sony Interactive Entertainment).

The enemy stares at a zombie that is chained to a nearby tree. Deacon takes out his rifle and shoots the chain off. The zombie ends  up attacking and killing the enemy. Much like animals can be used against foes in Far Cry games, zombies can be utilized in a similar way in Days Gone.

Deacon then got on his bike and drove through a side route. After passing through a clump of trees, he reached the massive camp where Manny was being held. He used his sniper rifle to take out a few enemies, but alters them all when he misses on a shot. All hell breaks loose and it is open fighting.

After an intense exchange of dashing to and from cover, and magazines of bullets being emptied, Deacon defeated the clan of foes and gets to Manny. The same cutscene everyone saw during Sony’s event ran and the demo ended. All of this is an example of how players can take different paths through the game.

Another aspect I noticed throughout the demo was how killing both zombies and enemies lowers the threat in a region. As you kill enemies, your liberation percentage for that area rises. I wonder if this means there are a finite amount of zombies in each part of the world.

Noise is another detail gamers will need to keep in mind, specifically gunfire. As the man who was screaming out of pain indicated, making too much noise will draw the attention of nearby zombies. Shooting off a gun will also mean the arrival of zombies. Be careful with noise levels or danger will come.

Sony’s Days Gone is certainly an impressive-looking game. The open-world is beautiful and the details are stunning. Combat looks and feels absolutely brutal. While Days Gone may still be a year or longer away from launching, it is a title all PS4 owners should be excited for. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on Days Gone.

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