Brooke: After our underwhelming first outing, we needed a win. Pizza Quest is a long-term project and the temptation to return to what we know and love (SliceWorks) was already present. Our next stop turned out to be Anthony’s Pizza and Pasta, another chain, but one that stands out from your Domino’s and Pizza Huts by virtue of its thin slices. Most of us felt we had eaten there at some point, and all were eager to make a return.

Thomas: Anthony’s is a chain pizza place. But it’s not the dimly lit, red-roofed buffet 80’s style chain that you might expect. It’s a neatly styled, kind of bare-bones shop that offers Noo Yoik style slices, and there are locations EVERYWHERE. I know this because I live in the most culture-impoverished of suburbs, and there is a location 3 minutes from my house.

B: Now, we’re a pretty pizza savvy crew, but Anthony’s lunch ordering system wasn’t super clear at first — but it transpired that if you go by the slice, cheese is the base and you can customize your meal by paying per topping for add-ons. We eventually noticed a lunch special that comprises two items and a drink for something like $8.

T: Chain pizza, huh? SOUNDS AWESOME NEXT PLEASE. But this is the kicker. Anthony’s pizza is pretty darn good. It’s really fun to rip on about pizza that doesn’t meet expectations, but this is a solid slice that tastes great and has pretty exceptional texture (I’ve been told to avoid the term ‘mouth-feel’ on penalty of shin-kicking, but feel free to imply that the ‘mouth-feel’ here is the best feature.) The tasty triangles are big enough to be foldable. Each bite is rewarded with a nice crunch. You won’t have to sell any internal organs to afford it. The flavour itself is good, not quite reaching great… and they don’t seem to offer anything but your average, classic toppings.

B: Anthony’s gave us the win we needed. The pizza was flavorful, the slices sizable and the price stands out as a great value in LoDo. The by-the-slice model meant we were each free to explore our own favorite flavor combinations. The majority of us gave cheese or pepperoni a go as a baseline and then sampled a more custom piece. Whatever our ultimate choices, we agreed: the thin slices had a texture and flavor profile that was strongly reminiscent of the simple, satisfying slices you can find on just about every corner in New York. This is utilitarian pizza of the people, and it scratched our pizza itch properly.

T: It’s a solid choice. I wish it was a bit more… unique? Brooke is right, it truly is the people’s pizza. It’s got all the things you want if you feel that pizza crave in yer tum.

Pizza Quest

Our snap judgement was once again unanimous.
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#1 Anthony’s

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