Microsoft has a handful of exciting Xbox One games launching over the course of the next year or so. Games like State of Decay 2Sea of ThievesForza 7 and others will release. Among those though is the open-world of Crackdown 3. This stylized shooter is coming to Xbox One on Nov. 7, the same time as Xbox One X.

It has been a long time since we heard anything about Crackdown 3. However, during Microsoft’s E3 2017 press conference, they finally brought the game out of silence. A new trailer featuring actor Terry Cruz debuted, and so did gameplay confirming the game’s release date.

It is exciting that Crackdown 3 will launch alongside Xbox One X, but I am a bit worried about this game. What has me concerned is the fashion in which the game was shown during Microsoft’s E3 briefing. You would assume that this is one of Microsoft’s tentpole titles for the fall, right? Well then, why didn’t the game receive a bigger demo?

It was kind of odd to me that the game received a brief, if not token, trailer. This game is one that should sell consoles for Microsoft, but it was treated like a casual third party game. The lack of emphasis makes me think Crackdown 3 isn’t doing so well in development. Why else would they barely acknowledge it?

Not only that, but I have not heard about Crackdown 3‘s multiplayer beta. I assume this is still happening, but am not entirely sure. The 100 percent destructible environments of Crackdown 3‘s multiplayer will require pre-launch testing. It would be foolish of Microsoft not to run a beta prior to launch.

During the Xbox Daily show where Major Nelson and other Microsoft figure heads spoke about Xbox One’s upcoming games. Crackdown 3 was one of them. They did confirm the game is still using the cloud to help enable the 100 percent destructible environments in multiplayer. Additionally, off screen gameplay was shown and the game does look good.

No matter, the lack of emphasis in the press conference just struck me as odd, considering this is one of the big Xbox One exclusives releasing this year. After all, State of Decay 2 received a lengthy trailer showcasing gameplay. The same can be said for Forza Motorsport 7 and Sea of Thieves. Crackdown 3? A short trailer with snippets of gameplay, and Terry Cruz being Terry Cruz.

Hopefully this was just Microsoft trying to accommodate as many games as possible for their E3 briefing and nothing more. We’ll all find out just what Crackdown 3 is when the game launches this year. It will arrive on Nov. 7 for Xbox One and Windows 10. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on Crackdown 3.

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