Bethesda Softworks has run an E3 press briefing each of the past two years. This year marks the third consecutive in which they have taken the spotlight to show what its studios are up to. Yesterday, Bethesda ran its showcase and the event yielded some exciting results. While the games they showed off are thrilling, it all added up to one thought: did Bethesda really need to host an E3 briefing this year?

Bethesda’s showcase was largely made up of two game announcements. The games I’m referring to are The Evil Within 2 and Wolfenstein 2: The New ColossusEach announcement is very exciting and these two games are looking quite good. Both are also due to launch later this fall. This is something Bethesda has become very good at doing, revealing and launching games within short periods of time.

While it is always a breath of fresh air to see games you’ll play this year, Bethesda’s showcase wasn’t really necessary. The firm could easily have shoved Wolfenstein and The Evil Within in the Sony and Microsoft pressers. I’m sure Sony would have loved to announce either and Microsoft sure could have used another third party announcement.

Outside of these two, Bethesda showcased a brief trailer teasing the Switch version of Skyrim. It is worth noting that they didn’t even provide a release date for the Switch version. This is kind of annoying given the fact that this is a 2011 game we are still talking about, and a Link skin seems to be the biggest part of what’s coming to the version. Don’t get me wrong, the Link skin is super cool, but couldn’t that news have been shared in a press release? Perhaps a release date will come during tomorrow’s Nintendo event?

Then there is the born to be an eSport game known as Quake Champions. This title is clearly being made for the main purpose of eSports. It feels more like a niche experience rather than something that everyone can get into. I kind of take exception to the idea of creating a “game” for eSports, and still calling it a game. It’s fine if a company wants to try and snatch some of the eSports glory. Just don’t try and sell it as anything but that: a vessel for Bethesda to have a hand in eSports.

In addition to all of this, Bethesda went onto make minor announcements for a new Dishonored expansion, a new expansion for The Elder Scrolls: Legends – Heroes of SkyrimDoom VFRFallout 4 VR and Creation Club. Again, these are noteworthy, but let’s be serious. These announcements belong in a press release more than a full blown E3 briefing.

I do want to give Bethesda credit though. They do an absolutely fine job of announcing and releasing games. Ever since they announced Fallout 4 in May 2015 and then launched it in November 2015, they seem to be on a mission. Their stance is everything you see in their presser will release this year. How nice is that to hear as a gamer? Consider that particularly when a performer like Sony frequently announces exciting games and then is notorious for releasing them years later.

Let me just say Wolfenstein 2 is looking amazing. The demo/trailer they showed off for the game is outstanding. The first game and the follow-up expansion were both awesome. Wolfenstein: The New Order is still one of the best shooters of this generation, and The New Colossus looks like it’ll carry the torch forward with great success.

It is exciting to see Bethesda continue with their alternate reality with the Nazis narrative. With them taking over America, some of the narrative’s themes will surely strike cords with gamers. I’m extremely excited to see where the game, its characters, features and world go with this new entry.

Fans who remember The Evil Within will surely have some PTSD from the terrifying adventure that it was. It will have been three years in between installments, and the second looks just as crazy. While we didn’t see quite as much of this game as we did Wolfenstein, it is looking to be just as good as the first. It’ll be arriving quite soon.

For those who are wondering, Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus will launch on Oct. 27 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Prior to that, The Evil Within 2 will launch on Oct. 13 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Ultimately, it is fine if Bethesda wants to be one of the publishers that hosts an E3 briefing every year. There is nothing wrong with that, and in the past two years, they have had big reasons to host one. However, there is a fine line between a publisher like EA or Ubisoft hosting a briefing, and a company doing the same with just two new AAA games to talk about. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on Bethesda.

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