EA Play’s press briefing took place yesterday and showcased some of the titles the publisher will bring throughout this year and beyond. The traditional sports games were shown off, as was Battlefront II, the new Need for Speed and even two new IPs. You would think that formula would add up to an amazing press briefing. However, the actual results turned out to be predictable and even slightly disappointing.

Starting off with the usual string of sports titles, EA is bringing a new NHLFIFA and Madden over the next handful of months. Apparently, NBA Live is still a thing and a new iteration is also coming. It is noteworthy that we have gone another year without a new iteration in EA’s PGA Tour franchise. Those sports games are excellent and really enjoyable, but everyone expects them each year.

The new Need for Speed was shown off as well. This game does look quite impressive and perhaps this will be the shot in the arm the franchise is looking for. Marcus Nilsson and a really awkward guy spoke about Need for Speed: Payback, and the game does sound interesting.

The look of it is very impressive, but that has never been the series’ problem, being visually impressive. Hopefully this upcoming game will deliver a complete Need for Speed experience for the first time in years. If you have yet to see the new gameplay trailer, check it out below.

So we have a new Need for Speed that has the possibility of being better than mediocre. Next, one of the new IPs EA showcased is called A Way Out. This title actually looks very cool and surprisingly original. It is a story-driven, split-screen co-op game. Gamers start off in a prison where they assume the roles of Vincent and Leo.

Players get to know each of their characters and witness how the story unfolds. An example of the uniqueness of this game is how one player can be in a cutscene, while the other is in gameplay and witnessing the cutscene nearby. While breaking out of prison is the objective, the game looks to take you beyond the cell and into the outside world.

A Way Out is split-screen co-op only, which is quite the daring risk to take by EA. You can play online or locally. Games these days offer gamers so much variety and freedom to play how they want. Thus, it is surprising that EA, of all companies, would push a game like this, and it is refreshing to see. You can check out the new title’s gameplay trailer below.

After the reveal of A Way Out, EA revealed BioWare’s newest IP, Anthem. The game is going to receive a larger reveal during today’s Microsoft press briefing. A short teaser is what we have to go on for what Anthem is. There literally isn’t much else known about the game, other than it is a sci-fi action RPG. Apparently, the game will also be launching during fall 2018.

From there, EA went onto showcase quite a lot of Star Wars Battlefront II. The shooter, which will launch this fall, received a new multiplayer trailer showing off some impressive gameplay. They also confirmed an upcoming beta for Battlefront II, and the usual, pre-order the game, gain access to the beta, deal.

An extended cut of multiplayer for Battlefront II was shown off. This showcased the Assault on Theed event and was more of what you would expect from the upcoming game. Darth Maul made it debut and looked as badass as ever. While all of this was great to see, it really was not too surprising to see.

EA has been talking about Star Wars for years now. They have announced they are making several new action games in the series, however, we have yet to officially see them. All we have heard about is Star Wars Battlefront. Sure, that series is a wonderful experience, but we already know what it is.

What gamers have been wanting to hear about for years now is what the new Star Wars games from Visceral and Respawn are. I was surely expecting to see the title Visceral has been working on, but it didn’t happen. What makes this absence a particular bummer is that we’ll likely not see it launch anytime soon.

Unless EA chooses to announce the game at Gamescom 2017 or PSX 2017, I highly doubt we’ll see Visceral’s Star Wars game anytime before 2019. Respawn’s title is even further away from being out. EA likes to have a longer RTL (Reveal-to-Launch) for its biggest games, and for their new Star Wars franchises, I imagine they’ll see very lengthy RTL cycles.

EA Play 2017 showed off some very impressive games, and there is a lot to be excited about in 2017. However, the event lacked any sort of true excitement via a surprise Star Wars announcement. It was a very conservative showing from EA and turned out to be a little disappointing for what it could have been. Microsoft and Bethesda will have their respective press conferences today, so we’ll see how those shake out. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on gaming.

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