Mobile gaming is bigger than ever, with more than two billion smartphones on the planet and all of them capable of running not just silly little 8-bit games but fully-fledged epics that are better in terms of graphics, performance and fun than many of the best early console games.

Here is a fantastic selection of tactical and logical games with which you can enjoy for hours. This selection of games will pull you in and push challenge you in the best ways. Let’s check out some of the world’s best tactical mobile games.

Potion Explosion is available on Google Play (Courtesy of Google Play).

Potion Explosion

Developer: Asmodee Digital

Category: Board

Price: $5.99

Originally a multiple award-winning board game, this potion puzzle has now been made available for mobile and online play thanks to app developers Asmodee Digital. At $5.99, it’s not the cheapest app in the world – but it is a near-perfect revision of the board game, which is extremely popular the world over. Whether you’re a fan of the original Potion Explosion, love board games or just enjoy puzzles, this is a game you shouldn’t miss!

When you play Potion Explosion, you experiment with various ingredients to explode them together, trigger chemical reactions and mix up different bottles in your cauldron. These different potions can be used to create amazingly powerful concoctions, with wonderful and magical effects. Each player has different potions and must take turns combining them with other ingredients to create the ultimate potion.

This game is picking up a huge number of positive reviews, and its varying levels plus the ability to play against the computer means that unlike the board game you don’t need to get a group of friends together in order to have fun with it – though that does make it better. May the best wizard win!

Card Counter is available on Google Play (Courtesy of Google Play).

Card Counter

Developer: TMSOFT

Category: Casino

Price: $3.99

A mathematics-based application about blackjack isn’t a likely contender in a list of top-selling or most popular apps, but TMSOFT seem to have played their cards right with Card Counter, which is an extremely popular app that could, potentially, pay for itself!

Even if you’ve never even so much as looked at a deck of cards in your life you probably know that blackjack is the world’s most popular casino card game, and you probably even know that the aim of the game is to hit 21 and score higher than the dealer. Potentially, you also know that blackjack is one of the few games in which a skilled player can gain an edge over the house and win. They do that by counting cards.

Very simple in theory, but difficult to pull off in practice, card counting becomes second nature after just that – practice! The famous scenes in films like 21, Rain Man and The Hangover aren’t complete fiction and this app can help you make them a reality. Keeping track of the cards in a blackjack shoe lets you know whether or not there are a large number of high cards left in the deck – and that’s when you can up your bets. These days, you can even combine this game with the many other apps developed for casino games and see about making some serious cash!

Lumosity is available on Google Play (Courtesy of Google Play).


Developer: Lumos Labs, Inc.

Category: Education

Brain training apps are all the rage these days, but the original and best is without a doubt Lumosity. It’s the godfather of all mobile brainiac apps, having set the standard for this type of game, and has done a fantastic job of outlasting all the other apps that it has inspired.

A collection of super-stimulating mini-games and logic puzzle activities, all mixed up into a customized curriculum each day, Lumosity allows to to track your stats and progress across the games as you play, no matter what kind of brain training you prefer to participate in.

Even if you don’t get a chance to check your phone or you run out of batteries, you can check your account on the computer via their website. You can also keep your score and compete against friends on the global leaderboard.

SpellTower is available on Google Play (Courtesy of Google Play).


Category: Puzzle

Developer: Zach Gage

Price: €1.51

Simple and fun, word games have become some of the world’s most popular – just look at Scrabble. Not only does it remain one of the world’s favourite board games but the modern incarnation known as Words With Friends is one of Facebook’s biggest hits in the world of social gaming and online apps. So, it’s no wonder that Zach Gage’s Spelltower has made this list.

Spelltower is a fantastic, cheap world puzzle game that’s sure to keep you spellbound for hours. Simple, fun and very engaging, it has all the ingredients of the bestselling word games above. All you have to do is find words within a grid, just like a classic word search. The twist is that in this game, you can go backwards and loop the loop and do all kinds of weird and wonderful things. You clear surrounding words by finding five-letter words or longer, and the aim is to clear the board.

The game also features a myriad of special features that can boost your score – special letters that double your points if you use them in words of a certain length, or highlighted letter cells that will remove the entire row in one fell swoop. See if you can beat your score!

Please Don’t Touch Anything is available on Google Play (Courtesy of Google Play).

Please Don’t Touch Anything

Category: Puzzle

Developer: Escalation Studios Inc

Price: €4.99

Imagine that you wake up, having been left alone in a mysterious room. It’s empty, save for you and an unknown machine. You have no idea what the machine does, but it does have a few buttons. Naturally, one of them is a big red one. What do you do? Yes, of course – you play with it and see what it does!

The game may be called Please Don’t Touch Anything but of course you can’t resist the temptation – and once you succumb to your desires, everything goes to hell. Fix it! Now! How? That’s for you to find out. The aim of the game is to establish what the machine does, and how to remedy its effects by pressing different buttons in sequence. The game is a fantastic visual feast full of gags and logic puzzles, with enough surprise solutions to satisfy even the biggest logic boffins.

Just remember – you can’t touch anything!

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