Multiplayer and cooperative gameplay seem to be in every game these days. Developers still work to release single-player experiences, but those seem far less frequent than in years past. For those who enjoy the immersion of an exciting single-player experience, role-playing games seem to guarantee the most common single-player fun.

Developers at Warhorse Studios are working on the new RPG Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Set to release on PS4, Xbox One and PC, the new RPG takes gamers to the Kingdom of Bohemia and several lands. Thanks to things like the game’s AI, the wilderness and towns you’ll encounter, Deliverance feels incredibly alive.

Gamers who have been following Kingdom Come may be wondering if there will be a multiplayer aspect to it. In an interview with We Write Things, Rick Lagnese, who is a community manager at Warhorse Studios, spoke about the possibility of a multiplayer tournament mode coming to Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a single player open world RPG. So no, players won’t be able to fight against each other. However, there will be different tournament options on the map to keep the player entertained. If interested, you’ll be able to compete in archery, fighting or horse racing tournaments. Bet money on an opponent, on yourself, or even against yourself… but this might [result] in an unfortunate situation,” Lagnese said.

It is smart of Warhorse to continue to focus on the game’s single-player experience. Trying to pack in one too many modes might result in a lower quality game. While it seems like no multiplayer mode will come to Deliverance, there’s always post-launch. Games will, at times, launch new modes as part of DLCs or expansions. Perhaps Warhorse will do the same with a multiplayer mode?

Those who have been in the game’s beta might be wondering about having a dog companion. Lagnese addressed whether or not a companion will make it into the game. “Unfortunately, the dog companion did not find its way into the game. But this does not necessarily mean that it’s gone forever,” Lagnese said.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is still in the middle of its beta. The game will likely receive a release date in the months ahead. I see E3 2017 as a time when a date may come. We’ll have much more from our discussion with Warhorse this week. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

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