Summer brings some of the most refreshing and crisp beers you’ll experience all year. The rising heat and glowing sun make delicious beer essential during the hottest of days. Sam Adams has quite the robust lineup of summer beers and We Write Things has the low down on four of its summer offerings.

First up is Sam Adams Summer Ale, one of the first summer seasonals we’ll discuss. This particular brew is beginning its 21st year of being available on the market. To celebrate, Sam Adams created a limited edition can to help commemorate the anniversary. The brewery writes, from “the blazing yellow of the afternoon sun to the fiery orange of an evening sunset to the electric blue tint of a summer night, the colors of Summer Ale and its crisp, citrusy flavor, are your perfect companion anywhere, anytime.”

The Summer Ale is one of my favorite summer seasonals as it blends the delicious finish of a wheat beer and refreshing lemon, all of which result in a pleasant crispness. It is a summer beer with great balance. When beer drinkers take a look at Sam Adams’ Summer Ale, they’ll notice it possesses a hazy gold look.

Aromas I picked out as most prominent were characters like the beer’s American wheat and citrusy hints. When it comes to the beer’s palate, the crisp wheat and citrus notes takeover most of its presentation. Another hint you might notice is a subtle spice of the Summer Ale.

Overall, this beer is extremely drinkable and one you can enjoy all summer long. This will preserve your palate and invite you back, one beer after another. If you are someone who has never drank a beer in your life, Sam Adams Summer Ale is a good place to start. It has character, quality and won’t chase you away with intense of unusual ingredients. The Summer Ale checks in with a 5.3 percent alcohol by volume (ABV).

Artwork for Sam Adams Summer Ale (Courtesy of Sam Adams).

Next up is Sam Adams’ Porch Rocker, which is a bavarian radler. Fans who enjoy some of the lemony summer beers that are out there will love Porch Rocker. This beer features a blend of the brewery’s crisp Helles with a bountiful amount of fresh-squeezed lemons.

If lemonade were a beer, then it would surely be Porch Rocker. It possesses a golden straw look and lemons is the most prevalent aroma. When you sample the Porch Rocker, you’ll immediately notice characters like lemon and a subtle tartness. It is an extremely refreshing beer and is something I would recommend alongside some of the other great lemony beers out there.

Porch Rocker is a four and a half percent ABV brew and is available from May until mid-August. The beer fits great with hotter days and contains excellent drinkability. Whether you are picnicking with friends or enjoying some evening beers on a patio, Porch Rocker is a great fit.

Artwork for the summer seaonsal, Porch Rocker (Courtesy of Sam Adams).

Light beers are great for the summer and a type I really enjoy seeing more of is wheat beer. Breweries tend to craft some interesting concoctions and they can often be some of the most refreshing. While Hefeweizens are their own category of beer, they still remind me of some of my favorite wheat beers.

Sam Adams is bringing out its Hefeweizen for the summer months. Their take on the classic German beer possesses a hazy golden color and resembles the look of many wheats you’ll see. The beer contains a surprisingly nice wheat character, which helps balance its notes of banana.

Some Hefeweizen beer can really hit you over the head with banana, but Sam Adams’ brew balances it nicely. Other notes you’ll detect are subtle hints of malt, which help make the beer nice and crisp. There are some Hefeweizens that I just can’t enjoy, but Sam Adams has struck a very nice balance with its palate.

You can pick up the Hefeweizen in Sam Adams’ American Summer Variety Pack, which comes in 12-packs. It possesses a fair 5.4 percent alcohol by volume, and pairs nicely on a hot summer day.

Artwork for the summer seasonal, Hefeweizen (Courtesy of Sam Adams).

Finally, the last beer we’ll discuss in this post is the Sam Adams Session IPA. This beer type has exploded in popularity at breweries across the country, and is becoming one of the more common beer types. While it might be a fad, similar to citrus IPAs, this beer type possesses staying power.

Sam Adams Session IPA contains a golden amber color, and looks similar to a light amber or dark lager. The Acidulated Malt is the ingredient that gives the beer its darker color. The blend of ingredients make for a very drinkable and enjoyable hop experience. If you’re a bit shy to try hoppy beers because of said hops, Sam Adams Session IPA is a great place to start.

The beer’s hoppiness won’t drive you away, and in fact is a nice introduction to that taste. This session IPA contains wonderful characters like grapefruit and pine, both of which complement each other very nicely. Lemon also makes its way into the brew, an ingredient more infrequently seen in IPA styles, but nicely incorporated into this one.

Sam Adams Session IPA is one you’ll be able to enjoy many of, as its drinkability is high and ABV checks in at 4.3 percent. This is just four of the handful of summer beers Sam Adams is offering. We’ll have much more on their summer lineup soon. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on Sam Adams.

Artwork for the summer seasonal, Session IPA (Courtesy of Sam Adams).

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