Ready At Dawn is the studio behind the polarizing PS4 exclusive The Order: 1886. The game is a visual showcase for PS4 and possesses some thrilling action throughout. The studio is working on new projects, but they weighed in on how they feel about Project Scorpio.

Microsoft is getting ready to fully reveal Project Scorpio at E3 2017. The system’s price and release date are expected to be announced during the show. The amount of information we know about Project Scorpio is by far the most for any preceding Microsoft console.

Project Scorpio’s specs is causing quite the anticipation among the gaming community. Developers and gamers alike are looking forward to seeing what this machine can do. Ready At Dawn’s Ru Weerasuriya spoke about what his early impressions are of Project Scorpio.

“I think Scorpio is actually pretty cool. I’m happy to see the shift [in console iterations]… I think that it’s interesting to see how the next cycles are going to go, not just Scorpio but the PS4 Pro coming into play. What is Sony going to do next? When are the platforms going to become either almost singular in the way they function or even disappear where everything’s going to be on the cloud and you won’t need a platform?” Weerasuriya told GI.

Ready At Dawn is an independent developer and their most recent release was Deformers. The game was a multi-platform release and couldn’t have been more different from The Order: 1886. Consoles with greater power will truly be able to showcase games at their best, and Project Scorpio will be proof of that.

Nintendo’s new console Switch is doing well since it launched back in March of this year. You might have expected the console to perform well early on, but it is still a positive sign. Developers have been pleasantly surprised by the new console, and Ready At Dawn is one of them. Weerasuriya spoke about his thoughts on the new system.

“Every time a platform comes out, we always feel like there’s something really cool that can be done with it – a huge graphical advance, a huge technological advance, a new way of interacting in games like VR does. Switch, I think, is the same kind of thing. We see it and we see the market that they’re trying to really kind of grab, expand, and also build. I would definitely tell you that, yeah, internally at the studio there’s a lot of interest for the Switch,” Weerasuriya said.

Ready At Dawn currently does not have any projects known to be coming soon. It’ll be interesting to see if they go back to work with Sony or if Microsoft is a partner for their next game. Regardless of where their next game takes them, hopefully we’ll see it soon. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on Ready At Dawn.

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