Middle-earth: Shadow of War will be taking its incredible Nemesis System to the next level. Gamers will become antagonized by the open-world, thanks to new characters and regions. Monolith Productions knows what makes this world so addicting and they are taking things a few steps forward.

While Shadow of War is embellishing the amazing Nemesis System, the game is also doing a lot more. Narrative is a big focus for Shadow of War and they are trying to craft a better story compared to what the first game had. Players enjoyed being able to experience the world of Mordor, but the narrative wasn’t up to snuff for some.

Monolith Productions wants to make the narrative more powerful. Specifically, the ending will be a major focus for Shadow of War, as they want to surpass what the first game showed. Monolith’s Michael de Plater spoke about things they had to cut from the first game, but didn’t necessarily want to. This is what took away from the game’s ultimate ending.

“The big one is the story. Last time, the finale and the end of the story was not as satisfying because we basically had to cut off a lot of that. We wanted to have the big iconic villains. We wanted to face Sauron and face Nazgul and explore all of that. We had to cut all that. The scale and variety of the world as well, so really making a significant open-world game,” de Plater told GameSpot.

Battling against Sauron himself as well as the Nazgul are dreams for Lord of the Rings fans. This is the essential fantasy that players want to come true. Shadow of War seems like it’ll be delivering on that crucial element. Not only can players battle the Nazgul, but they can dominate them as well.

The Nemesis System is taking its magnificent formula and applying it to Nemesis Fortresses. With how incredible the feature is, it still boggles my mind that no other developers haven’t tried to mimic it. de Plater talked about Monolith’s desire to make each rivalry in the Nemesis System a more specific, unique encounter.

“Also, just the types of stories and the breadth of stories that we could put into the Nemesis system. We had a concept of what it could be like and a lot of them were really fun. I think what happened most with the Nemesis system last time was, as you got further towards the end of the game in particular, even though they had different strengths and weakness in the text, they became more similar to fight towards the end of the game, because we didn’t have as many gameplay tools in our toolbox to make them truly different. Whereas this time, we actually are able to make them meaningfully different,” de Plater said.

Shadow of War rivalries will be unlike anything we saw in the first game. Monolith Productions wants gamers to gain far deeper meaning with each battle. WBIE’s Middle-earth: Shadow of War will launch this coming Aug. 22. The game will be available on PS4, PS4 Pro, Project Scorpio, Xbox One and PC. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on Shadow of War.

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