Mississippi’s craft brewery scene has grown quite a bit over the last decade or more. Breweries have continued to sprout up and thrive across the state. Seeing so many breweries from the state during the Great American Beer Festival 2016 showcased just how strong the craft brewing scene is in Mississippi.

Lazy Magnolia Brewery is the oldest brewery in the state, as it was founded in 2003. They possess a slew of excellent beers, and have a portfolio with great diversity. They currently distribute to 19 states across the country, and you can see which ones through this link. Colorado is the latest state to be added to their distribution list.

The brewery has built and expanded its reach over the near last decade and a half. With quality beer and staying true to the brand’s identity, Lazy Magnolia Brewery has carved out a wonderful place in the craft brewing industry. Today, I’ll be spotlighting three outstanding beers from the brewery.

Those three beers are the Southern Hops’pitality IPA, Southern Pecan and Jefferson Stout. First up is their excellent Southern Hops’pitality IPA. The brew possesses a very smooth and balanced palate. Its hops and citrus notes perfectly compliment each other. Grapefruit is the most noticeable citrus hint you’ll find when tasting it.

For those who are veteran drinkers of the IPA style of beer, this is a fantastic brew for you. It possesses a nice level of drinkability, making it so you can have several in one sitting without destroying your palate. Those who are newer to IPAs might even find Southern Hops’pitality to their liking. With its modest 60 IBU (International Bitter Units) rating, it’s not as bitter or hoppy as some others out there. Southern Hops’pitality is a six percent alcohol by volume brew. It is available in 12 oz. bottles and in six packs.

A photo of the Southern Hops’pitality you can find in six-packs (Courtesy of Lazy Magnolia Brewery).

Switching gears, the Southern Pecan is a nice change from the hoppy realm of beer. The brew is a wonderfully smooth and satisfying brown ale, and one that many dark beer drinkers will love. The Southern Pecan possesses a smooth profile that doesn’t overwhelm with its malt or caramel notes. The sweet profile is excellent and helps bring about a phenomenal drinkability level.

Caramel aromas are also present during the nose sampling. Southern Pecan is an excellent beer for those who enjoy dark beer, and dark beer that is well balanced. Its 4.39 percent alcohol by volume adds another element of drinkability to an already smooth and delicious brown ale.

A photo of the Southern Pecan six-pack (Courtesy of Lazy Magnolia Brewery).

The final beer I’ll talk about today is the Jefferson Stout, a beer, which much like the Southern Pecan, possesses great balance and taste. This isn’t just any stout though, it is a sweet potato cream stout. This type of stout is the first of its kind I have encountered and it is delicious.

As you might expect, the beer is made with real sweet potatoes, which adds a nice dimension to the stout’s palate. As for the tastes you’ll encounter, chocolate is absolutely one of the more dominating notes. There are subtle coffee hints as well, but chocolate is main note in this stout. The creamy and sweet hints help bring out a greater diversity in the stout.

The Jefferson Stout is a terrific dark beer that fits nicely alongside the Southern Pecan. This stout possesses a 4.65 percent alcohol by volume, and nicely rounds out some of the year round beers you’ll find from Lazy Magnolia.

A photo of the Jefferson Stout six-pack (Courtesy of Lazy Magnolia Brewery).

The brewery has a fine lineup of additional brews to check out, but these three are solid starting places. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on craft beer.

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