Activision and Bungie are working on the next installment in the highly popular franchiseDestiny. The duo have successfully shown off Destiny 2‘s initial gameplay footage. They also revealed a slew of new information regarding the game’s campaign, multiplayer and co-op experiences.

It’s stunning to think of how far Bungie is taking Destiny 2. One of the first features revealed during the recent livestream is something called Guided Games. These simplify the effort needed to enjoy Destiny 2‘s toughest activities. It lets solo players hook up with other gamers online. Through this feature, teams can earn precious in-game rewards like weapons and armor.

A new competitive multiplayer mode called Countdown was revealed as well. For the co-op side of things, a new three-player activity was shown off on a new map called the Inverted Spire. Destiny 2 is looking to embrace every type of gamer out there, and the features announced so far certainly pair with that statement.

One of the stunning, colorful worlds inside of Destiny 2 (Courtesy of Activision).

For the game’s campaign details, the background is a new enemy called the Red Legion has invaded Earth. The last safe city on our planet has fallen and Guardians have lost their powers. Destiny 2 is about reclaiming those powers and reclaiming Earth from the enemy. Gamers will journey to a number of unique planets and worlds in Destiny 2. Through these locations, they will complete quests that will help them regain their lost powers.

Eric Hirshberg, who is the CEO of Activision, spoke about Destiny 2 and what this new game will bring. “Destiny established a blockbuster, new franchise and a massive global community of amazingly passionate fans. And today, we are giving people their first look at the gameplay of Destiny 2.

“Destiny 2 has a great story, an iconic new villain, awesome characters you want to go on an epic adventure with, and of course, tons of the amazing gameplay that Destiny is known for. We, along with our partners at Bungie, have listened carefully to our community, and have added thoughtful innovations that make the game, and all of its content, more accessible to more types of players than ever before,” Hirshberg said.

A shot of PvP action gamers will find in Destiny 2 (Courtesy of Activision).

Destiny 2 is, of course, coming to PC for the first time in series history. This is the first third party game that will use Blizzard’s PC platform known as Mike Morhaime, who is the CEO and cofounder of Blizzard Entertainment, spoke about the significance of Destiny 2 using

“As Destiny fans, we were excited to learn that the sequel was coming to PC. We’re pleased to support Destiny 2 as the first non-Blizzard game on our platform, and we look forward to joining fellow Guardians in their fight against the Red Legion,” Morhaime said.

If you didn’t have the chance to watch the Destiny 2 livestream yesterday, you can do so below. Bungie revealed all kinds of information from news about the campaign, to details about multiplayer and co-op. They also showed off quite a bit of gameplay, both from the campaign and from Destiny 2‘s other experiences.

Destiny 2 will be available on Sept. 8 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Those who wish to pick up the game can do so via the standard $59.99 price tag. If you are looking for the Expansion Pass as well, there is a bundle that includes the DLC and the full game for $89.99. The Digital Deluxe Edition has the full game, expansion pass, premium in-game content and bonus PS4 content.

If you’re thinking about the Limited Edition, you can pick it up for $99.99. This includes everything from the Digital Deluxe, plus a limited edition SteelBox case and Cabal-themed Collector’s Box. Finally, the Collector’s Edition is available for $249.99. This has everything in the Limited Edition, plus a Destiny 2 Frontier Bag and Frontier Kit.

More of Destiny 2 will surely be revealed at E3 2017. We’ll keep our eye on the show for the latest news. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on Destiny 2.

Yet another gorgeous world that players will be able to visit (Courtesy of Activision).

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