Back in January 2015, DONTNOD Entertainment released the first episode in their newest series, Life is Strange. The game showcased an artful, creative world where players assumed the role of Max Caulfield. This coming-of-age story masterfully illustrated some of the toughest challenges young people face as they grow up.

Gamers were able to make key choices throughout the game, and it was in these choices that their story was created. Choice is a term many developers use to describe their games. However, Life is Strange is still one of the few games that effectively implemented choice in such a meaningful and powerful way.

Life is Strange was purchased by over three million players, a successful mark by any measure. The new IP was a breakout hit and produced some of the most compelling stories in all of 2015. Many folks having been wondering what will come of the series in the future, but now we know.

Today via Life is Strange‘s Facebook page, a new video is available for viewing. This clip has three devs from the DONTNOD team and they are confirming a new Life is Strange game. Ever since the boxed edition of Life is Strange debuted, the team has been working on a new game.

“What we can share today is the fact that we’ve been working, since the release of the box version last year, on a new Life is Strange game, with the Life is Strange team. And we cannot wait to share more about this with you,” DONTNOD said.

No other information is known about the game at this time. With E3 2017 coming next month, it could be a chance for Square Enix and DONTNOD to reveal more. It will be exciting to learn more about the new Life is Strange game once it arrives. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on Life is Strange.

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