Remedy Entertainment recently confirmed their next game is in development. They stated the game is codenamed P7, but outside of that, there hasn’t been much else said. Many folks are hoping the next game will be a new entry in the Alan Wake series, but Remedy isn’t saying. Today, however, the studio’s silence ended with new details about P7 emerging.

Today, Remedy Entertainment revealed they have entered into a partnership with 505 Games. The pair will work together to bring P7 to PS4, Xbox One and PC. The game will receive both a digital and retail release. It is unclear if this will be a AAA release, as that was not specifically stated in today’s news.

505 Games will help market and publish the game, plus they’ll receive 45 percent of the game’s royalties. This is rather unconventional for a developer to reveal details such as this. However, it does provide unique insight into the types of deals indie devs sign with publishers.

Remedy confirmed P7 will be “a cinematic third person action ” game. The experience is going to be set in a new world and will feature an “intriguing” story. Its game structure will offfer a “long-lasting experience,” perhaps signaling an open-world type structure. P7 will run on Remedy’s Northlight game technology.

All of this is well and good, but what remains obvious to me is how important P7 is to 505. While any game is important to a development studio, Remedy is an established AAA studio. They are known for games like Max PayneAlan Wake and of course, Xbox’s Quantum Break. Remedy does not need any breakout game to take them to a new level because they’re already there.

505 Games is a publisher that has created some excellent experiences over the years. Titles like Abzû (May 2017 PS Plus free game), Terraria, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and others show the company’s ability to produce diverse, unique games. Portal Knights is another recent example of the company’s desire to create unique experiences.

At the same time, 505 has produced significant AAA titles as well. These include releases like PAYDAY 2Assetto CorsaSniper Elite III, ADR1FT and others. All of these games are certainly names gamers recognize, however, 505 Games has yet to capture that major AAA hit.

From a perception standpoint, it is excellent business for 505 Games to pair up with Remedy Entertainment. Considering the name Remedy is so established, it only positively increases the brand-awareness of 505. The publisher has partnered with talented studios in the past, but Remedy Entertainment is their biggest get by far.

While it is unclear if P7 will be a fully-fledged AAA release, it has the potential to do big things for 505 Games. If this new project turns out to be a successful game, then it could bring 505 into a new light among publishers. A successful Remedy game will surely help 505 Games’ reputation move toward the AAA recognition other companies fall under.

P7 seems to be in the early stages of development, and it may be a while before we hear what exactly this game is. In the meantime, 505 Games is getting ready to launch Portal Knights on PS4 and Xbox One this May 23. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on 505 Games.

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