Ever since this generation began, there’s been this ongoing debate about which console runs games the absolute best. Since 2013, the answer to that question has been the PS4. Fast forward to today and Microsoft is getting ready to launch the powerful Project Scorpio system.

While Microsoft may have been behind the eight-ball at the start of this generation, that gap is vanishing. Project Scorpio grants developers with an ocean of new power and capability. No other console can match the specs of Scorpio, and the potential for games on the platform is great.

Microsoft is inching closer toward E3 2017, where the system will receive its big reveal. Third-party game performance will be important for many gamers in regards to Scorpio. So, how will third-party games look on Project Scorpio, you ask? Microsoft’s Phil Spencer recently opened up about his experience with them so far.

“We built Scorpio with one specific user in mind, which is the person who wants the absolute best version of all of the games. I think a lot of people who buy Scorpio already have an Xbox One or maybe they have a PS4. They’re saying, ‘okay, I love the exclusive games on either platform. I love playing Horizon [Zero Dawn]. I love playing Zelda. I love playing Halo…but where am I going to play my third-party games? We’re trying to build a platform that is the absolute best place for third party games to show up.

“Obviously, our first-party games will be leading in the way they look on the platform. Our target customer for Scorpio is the person who absolutely wants the best version of third-party games…Teams have been coming through Redmond porting their third-party engines over. I can definitively say we’re seeing the best console version of third-party games showing up [on Scorpio],” Spencer told XboxOn.

This is exactly what you would expect to hear, given the systems’ specs. It’ll be interesting to see how Scorpio’s power influences third-party relationships. Will Microsoft gain more exclusive or timed-exclusive content as a result of the system’s superiority? Time and publisher decisions will tell.

Microsoft is lining up a slew of huge exclusives for launch this year. Games like Crackdown 3State of Decay 2Sea of Thieves and likely a new Forza are all upcoming. More news and announcements will come during Microsoft’s E3 briefing, which takes place on June 11. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on Project Scorpio.

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