Rebellion released Sniper Elite 4 earlier this year and the game turned out to be a smash-success. The experience provided plenty of satisfying gameplay, with wide-open maps to enjoy. The sandbox like environments made setting up the perfect kill a joy to experience.

As the days have gone on, Rebellion has been hard at work on new content for Sniper Elite 4 players. While they previously released the first chapter in the Deathstorm expansion, they are ready to release the second. Today, Rebellion announced the second chapter in the Deathstorm DLC is available.

This is the second of a three-part “mini-campaign” for Sniper Elite 4. In this second installment, gamers have possession of the Deathstorm package. They are then deployed to the Northern part of Italy to see what the Nazis are brewing up next. Niroli serves as the new location for chapter two, and it possesses “the key” to Deathstorm.

Gamers need to infiltrate Niroli, locate a key Italian scientist and bring back his wife. His wife happens to be an essential Allied informant. Niroli takes place during dusk and provides quite the atmospheric experience for players. Rebellion teased “an explosive new weapon” for players to gain possession of.

In addition, Rebellion is handing out the Urban Assault Expansion Pack. This will release on April 25 and grants gamers access to eight new urban-themed rifle skins, male and female ghillie characters and a trio of new weapons. Those guns are the Winchester, Sten and Walther PPK.

Lastly, Rebellion is giving away a free multiplayer map called Urban. It is playable across survival mode as well as all competitive experiences. This includes the iconic multiplayer mode, Capture the Flag. Rebellion teased “late spring and summer” for when new content may be coming next for Sniper Elite 4. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on Sniper Elite.

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