Games have experienced quite the evolution over the past few decades. At first, games were these one off releases that people picked up and they were short-lived experiences. Fast forward to today and you have games that live for months and months, if not years.

Back in 2014, Activision and Bungie released their newest franchise known as Destiny. The game received expansion after expansion post-launch and has grown an incredibly passionate community. The game is nearly three years old and it still sees remarkable engagement from players.

Destiny 2 will launch this coming September, and many expect a similar result with how players take to it. Don’t believe me? Just ask Microsoft’s Phil Spencer what his expectations are for the upcoming shooter.

“You know if you think about like, Destiny 2 is coming this year — I pick Destiny because I think I have 600 hours into the game. But you know, Destiny 2‘s gonna be one of these games that I expect five, six, seven years from now, people are still going to be playing that game. It’s going to be a little bit like WoW. Which you know, whatever its been, 10 years later, 15 years later, millions of people play the game,” Spencer told Gamasutra.

The way Destiny is created contributes to the long-term connection gamers share with it. Three years is a long time for someone to play the same game, however, Bungie has learned plenty of meaningful ways for how to keep folks interested. It’s going to be very interesting to see Destiny 2 when it launches this Sept. 8.

Switching gears, Netflix is a mainstay entertainment service for both TV, movies, documentaries and more. The concept is very appealing when put in the context of gaming. To help bring gamers the gaming Netflix they’ve always wanted, Microsoft is taking the next step with their new program, Game Pass.

“You see us doing things like Game Pass, and Game Pass is this idea of, even games that are more, I buy them, I play them, I finish, you still want to have a way for your customers to engage in those games. So we said okay, we look at obviously what Netflix has done in video, and say that’s an interesting way of kind of keeping some of these games in the consciousness, when people do not necessarily go out and buy that full version of the game,” Spencer said.

A big year lies ahead for Microsoft and its slew of upcoming products. Major releases like State of Decay 2Crackdown 3Sea of Thieves and more are due out in 2017. Game Pass will launch sometime this spring and of course, Project Scorpio debuts this fall. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on Xbox.

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