Project Scorpio is looming in the distance for its holiday 2017 release time frame. Gamers are gradually becoming most excited for its upcoming launch, and chatter continues around the system. What is perhaps the most intriguing question right now is will there ever be Project Scorpio exclusive games?

When Microsoft first made the announcement of Project Scorpio, one of their early promises was not having Scorpio-exclusive titles. All games released for Scorpio would be available on Xbox One and Xbox One S as well.

This approach or policy is something many circles are continuously talking about. After all, once install bases become large enough, you would expect Microsoft to eventually support Scorpio exclusively, right? That, however, doesn’t seem to be the case according to Xbox’s Phil Spencer.

“Which is what we’re going to require: you’ve got to support Xbox One, S, and Scorpio when you launch your game on Xbox One. But the truth is, the only developers that target one platform are first-party. Any other developer out there is building for the PS4, the PS4 Pro, the Xbox One, Scorpio, PC, probably Switch now, with the great start that they’ve had. And developers have learned how to craft their tools and their pipeline to support multiple capabilities as they go build those games,” Spencer told Gamasutra.

This will be a very interesting thing to see evolve over the first year or two of Scorpio’s life. While Microsoft is saying there won’t be Scorpio-exclusive titles, things can always change. Should the install base become large enough and the demand be serious enough, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a day come where Scorpio exclusives are a thing.

PS4 has often times seen the best versions of third party games run on the system. Microsoft is hoping that trend will shift when Project Scorpio is available. Spencer spoke about his wish for when you play any game on Scorpio.

“I think that when teams want to show the absolute best version of their game, assuming marketing deals and other things don’t keep them from doing that, when they show a console version I think Scorpio is going to be the version that looks better than any other version,” Scorpio said.

Project Scorpio is targeting a holiday 2017 release, though an exact date will likely come at E3 2017. The new system will be the third Microsoft has launched this generation. Perhaps this will be the one to ignite a major shift in the console tides? Stick around here at We Write Things for more on Project Scorpio.

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