Developers possess some of the most unique minds in gaming today. They are able to envision new features for games that have never been tried before. These improvements help enhance the gaming experience for all players, and they can even help with feedback for a platform’s functions.

Project Scorpio is quickly approaching its debut this year, and developers are learning more and more about it. Third party developers like Monolith Productions will bring their gaming visions to Scorpio this fall. First party developers, of course, will be doing the same.

Microsoft has received valuable feedback from their first party developers when it comes to Scorpio. Kevin Gammill, who is the group program manager of the Xbox core platform, recently spoke about how each of the company’s first party studios are pushing Scorpio forward.

“[Turn 10 will] push us one way, 343 will push us a different way, the Coalition will push us a different way. Rare – they’re pushing us a ton around Beam and some of the stuff that we may want to do there, so it’s just great because we a super-strong relationship across the board with first party and it really benefits the platform, which ends up benefiting the customer,” Gammill told Eurogamer.

As developers use the new platform more, they will understand it at a deeper level. This is something we see with everything console generation that comes along. Microsoft’s Albert Penello discussed Project Scorpio’s status for getting ready for this fall’s release.

“I think this is the earliest in terms of time to ship…And now we’ve got fully performant boxes going out shortly… We’re seeing exceptionally fast ‘getting up and running’ times with developers, so we’re pretty bullish. I like the direction we’re heading, where we’re hearing a lot of time spent on quality, not a lot of time spent on performance tuning or engines or the technical development side,” Penello said.

Microsoft is expected to unveil it all at E3 2017, however, it is possible the company could hold a Scorpio briefing before. Project Scorpio will release sometime this coming fall. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on Project Scorpio.

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