Last February, 505 Games launched the brand new sandbox role-playing game Portal Knights on PC. The game has gained a dedicated, passionate community and the time has nearly come for the game to expand its reach. Developer Keen Games and 505 Games will bring Portal Knights into the console realm.

Starting on May 23, Portal Knights will makes its debut on PS4 and Xbox One. Before then, however, the game will receive a free trial that gamers can enjoy. The free trial will be available this coming April 20. Players will be able to download the trial via the PS Store or Xbox Games Market.

The free trial will provide gamers with an “early taste” of what’s in store for Portal Knights. You can construct, fight and craft your way through the many procedurally generated worlds. Magic, monsters “and mystery awaits in dungeons and castles across more than 40 unique islands as players encounter epic boss battles and enjoy both single,” plus two-player local co-op multiplayer.

Features you will have access to in the free trial will be things like character creation, learn the basics, single player and co-op, plus you’ll be able to transfer all in-game progress to the full game if you decide to purchase. Under the character creation feature, players choose if they want to play as a ranger, mage or warrior. You can also create your own avatar appearance.

Portal Knights’ progression and skills systems will also be enabled for the trial. A companion pet will also join you in your time in Portal Knights. To learn the basics, players will become familiar with a variety of features. You’ll learn about things like tactical combat, crafting, mining, renovating, building, dungeon-diving and growing crops.

505 Games is ready to launch Portal Knights for PS4 and Xbox One on May 23 in North America. Europe, the Middle East and Africa will receive the game on May 19. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on Portal Knights.

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