When gamers step into the world of Prey, how they are able to utilize their weapons and powers will be essential to success. Being creative and flexible on the fly will help players overcome even the most difficult of foes. Prey is only a matter of weeks away from being released, and Bethesda has brought several new Prey videos to help prepare you for what’s coming.

In Prey, gamers will have 24 human upgrades and 20 alien powers at their disposal. Of course, players will earn these as they play. Bethesda believes these elements will help ensure no two experiences are the same. Human abilities can include things like Hacking, Leverage, Repair and Gunsmith. There will also be three trees of Typhon based abilities.

Those who implement alien abilities will need to be aware of their risky nature. Alien abilities will make turrets on Talos I view you as a hostile force. This means the Nightmare Typhon may target and hunt you from time to time. Be sure to use alien abilities wisely, if you hope to survive. The first video Bethesda released is the Weapon and Power Combos clip.

Powers will be important to traversal, combat and plenty of other gameplay pillars in Prey. While you may be conscious of being pursued by enemies like the Nightmare Typhon, powers can allow you to use weapons better, run faster and jump higher. The rewards will indeed outweigh the risks at times. It is up to gamers to decipher when those instances are though.

If you are wondering what an example of a power is, Combat Focus is one that is covered in the video below. This power slows down the gameplay so you can react quicker. Your movements are as fast as usual, but an enemy’s movements are a bit slower. Check out the video below for more on Prey‘s powers.

As you play through Prey, you will encounter the Neural Modifier. This device provides gamers with a slew of new skills, knowledge and abilities. When equipped, Morgan Yu inserts the device’s two needles into his eye and that enables the device, as painful as that sounds.

An example of an ability from the video below is a something called Superthermal. When used, gamers place an explosive proximity trap that generates a column of superheated plasma. This can kill enemies quite swiftly and help you play with a bit more stealth. Check out the video below for other abilities that are highlighted.

Prey is set to launch this coming May 5 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Outside of Quake Champions, this is the last major upcoming AAA release Bethesda has announced. E3 2017 happens this June and surely the publisher will have plenty of announcements then. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on Prey.

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