PS4 Pro made its debut last November and since then gamers have gotten to know the hardware a bit. While there haven’t been any hit games to truly unleash the power of PS4 Pro, many are wondering when that’ll happen.

Microsoft is also releasing Project Scorpio this year and it will be a substantially more powerful system than Xbox One. The industry is wondering just what impact the system will have on games. Depending on who you ask, new and more powerful consoles are not the solution to an overriding problem.

Sony and Microsoft have both said games released for PS4 Pro and Project Scorpio, respectively, will be compatible with the base PS4 and Xbox One systems. President of Nine Dots Studio Guillaume Boucher-Vidal spoke with We Write Things about the very problem that consoles face, despite the emergence of more powerful hardware.

“Personally, I find the current-generation of consoles, not Pro or Scorpio, are under the expectations of what a gamer would actually need from a [generation] switch. When we went from the Xbox to Xbox 360, it was a very big jump. Nowadays, if you buy an Xbox One, for the same price you can get a better PC. The offer, in terms of hardware, is not where I wish it was.

“I don’t think that a Scorpio and Pro can fix that because they still expect [developers] to work well on [the base PS4 and Xbox One], which is the problem. Having higher resolution isn’t the problem. There are just things you can’t do with the technology limitations. If we have more power, instead of using it for higher graphics, we could use it for richer systems and richer features…Outward will probably be much more fluid on PS4 Pro and Project Scorpio than the weaker systems, but the experience won’t really be different,” Boucher-Vidal said.

While it might anger owners of the base PS4 and Xbox One, developers should be given the chance to create a game specifically for Project Scorpio and/or PS4 Pro. This feels like the only way for the industry to truly unlock the power of these consoles. Frame rate and resolution will always be great superficial benefits to have in a game, but they don’t functionally enhance systems or worlds.

It’ll be interesting to see what Microsoft has to say about Project Scorpio whenever they decide to unveil the new system. Will they switch and allow developers to create Scorpio-exclusive games? Time and Microsoft will ultimately tell. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on Project Scorpio and PS4 Pro.

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