Tequila has a number of excellent brands that highlight the entire industry. These brands range from Don Julio to Casamigos to many others. While the spirit is one with excellent choices for consumers, the market always has room for more.

A new brand of tequila is beginning to roll out across the United States. With distribution starting off in Florida, California and Las Vegas, Rock N Roll Tequila is slowing making its way onto the tequila scene. The new collection of tequilas includes a Platinum Silver Tequila, Cristalino Añejo Tequila and Mango Tequila.

Rock N Roll Tequila presents customers with a unique set of tequilas to choose from. The Platinum and Cristalino certainly are the more traditional tequilas, while the Mango provides an interesting change. I’ve yet to experience Mango Tequilas on a frequent basis, but Rock N Roll’s Mango is actually a tasty departure from the usual tequila formula.

Rock N Roll Mango Tequila (Courtesy of Rock N Roll).

Rock N Roll Mango Tequila possesses a nice nose where scents of mango and general citrus notes are present. It has been made with 100 percent pure highlands blue agave, granting the spirit a strong level of quality. As you would expect, its palate is heavily dominated by mango notes, but it still stands as a nice silver.

People who are new to tequila often times find it hard to locate an accessible place to start. Some brands can be too cheap or the general taste of some tequilas can chase newcomers away. While Rock N Roll Mango won’t be winning any “Best Tequila Ever Made” contests anytime soon, it is a wonderful spirit for those looking to pair their palates with tequilas.

Rock N Roll Platinum Tequila (Courtesy of Rock N Roll).

Switching over to the other two tequilas, Rock N Roll has themselves several excellent spirits. Starting with the Platinum, this silver tequila is the perfect spirit for most tequila veterans. It stands up brilliantly when drank as a shot, in a cocktail or simply as a spirit for sipping.

The Platinum, much like the Mango, is made with 100 percent pure highlands blue agave. This enables the tequila to deliver a wonderfully smooth presentation and finish. This, along with the Cristalino, is an excellent tequila for experienced tequila drinkers.

Rock N Roll Cristalino Tequila (Courtesy of Rock N Roll).

Finally, Rock N Roll Cristalino Tequila stands tall as a fabulous third tequila in the new lineup of spirits. This particular Añejo is interesting for its look and how it is distilled. Typically, Añejos carry with them a golden body to some degree, but the Cristalino stays away from that norm.

Rock N Roll Cristalino is a clear Añejo tequila and the distillery reckons its distilling and aging process help make the spirit healthier than other Añejos. To its credit, Cristalino is incredibly smooth and stands nicely as a strong sipping tequila. When it comes to Añejo tequila, sipping them neat is the way to go. Some Añejo tequilas can struggle as a standalone spirit, but Cristalino does not. In fact, it thrives and functions fabulously as a sipping tequila.

Hailing from Jalisco, Mexcio, Rock N Roll Tequila checks in at $49.95 for a 750 ML bottle. The Mango can currently be bought for $29.99, while the Añejo can go for $54.99. Folks looking for the Platinum can find it around $49.99. The tequila will gradually see it roll out over the coming months, so stay in contact with your local liquor store to learn when Rock N Roll Tequila is coming to a store near you. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on tequila.

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