This generation has seen the rise of multiplayer like never before, and more specifically, the emergence of co-op games. Many publishers and developers have tried their hand at creating unique and interesting co-op games, and many have succeeded. You can go ahead and add Ubisoft Paris’ Ghost Recon Wildlands to that list of successful games.

In fact, Ghost Recon Wildlands isn’t just a successful co-op experience. It is easily one of the most entertaining, immersive and downright fun games of this generation. The combination of emergent gameplay, intelligent AI, a vast open-world, variety of gameplay resources and tools, plus two very special ingredients, you and your friends; all help make this experience incredible.

Gamers take on the role of Ghosts who are sent into the massive lands of Bolivia to disrupt and destroy the Santa Blanca cartel. Led by El Sueño, the Santa Blanca cartel possesses massive strength and force. Players are tasked with destabilizing the regime region by region, boss by boss.

With a total of 21 regions in Ghost Recon Wildlands, there are dozens and dozens of hours of gameplay. In fact, the experience is so massive, both in literal size and in length, that it’ll take gamers hours to truly wrap their minds around just how massive this world is. When Ubisoft says this is the biggest open-world game they’ve ever made, that quickly becomes clear.

Just a glimpse of the massive world in Wildlands (Courtesy of Ubisoft).

Size and diversity are two elements that make the world of Ghost Recon Wildlands so immersive. Its landscape varies wonderfully with desert flatlands, lush green hills and snowy peaks. If there was ever an example of providing excellent diversity in a game’s terrain and color palate, this is it.

What makes the game world so astounding to me is the necessity for flight. Many open-world games that have vehicles and aircrafts as a main source of transportation provide reasonable distances for players to cover. The nature of land in this game is terrain can often times be rugged, which creates roads that weave back and forth. This makes a 900m drive sometimes feel like double that.

This is where the importance of having aircrafts comes into play. Ubisoft knew just how much ground players would have to cover when going from mission to mission, and that’s why there are plenty of helicopters and airplanes for gamers to jump into. I don’t think I’ve ever played an open-world game where the availability of aircrafts is this great. As a result, the experience is enhanced and enables fluid transition from one mission to the next.

Flying and driving through the dark lands of Bolivia (Courtesy of Ubisoft).

It is within the massive world that players find a dynamic and entertaining playground to become lost in. Teaming up with your friends is an absolute blast. Whether you are darting across mountainsides in a tank or parachuting down onto an enemy base, good times are everywhere.

Setting up a synch kill with your friends is one of the more rewarding and badass gameplay moments in Wildlands. If you can manage to find people who play similar to you, Ghost Recon Wildlands presents so many unique opportunities for cooperative fun.

For example, some friends and I infiltrated an enemy stronghold, with two of us starting on one side of it, and the other two on the opposite side. A person from each side stealthily snuck into the base, and killed targets that were on the outskirts of the building. The other two helped mark enemies with their drone as well as took out snipers standing in watch towers above.

From there, the two on the outside of the building entered the premises and a simple, divide and conquer strategy succeeded from there. Well, a stealthy divide and conquer strategy, that is. Working tactically with teammates and periodically switching roles makes Ghost Recon Wildlands so amazingly fun. The gameplay moments that come up as a result are memorable and make you only want to continue playing and never put down the controller.

Scouting enemy territory prior to engaging in combat (Courtesy of Ubisoft).

Ghost Recon Wildlands contains a ridiculously deep progression system, which will have you upgrading to your playstyle more than upgrading just to upgrade. With how Wildlands is, gamers don’t have to be a level 20 to go after a four-skull level boss. From the outset, you can go after any boss, even a four skull level boss, however, you’ll probably struggle.

This freedom gives gamers a wonderful amount of choice. If you’re like me though, you’ll want to rack up skill points and resources, early and often. I played for a good six hours before even checking out the skill trees in the Wildlands. By that time, I had over twenty skill points and thousands of units of gas, food, medicine and comm tools. This avenue of upgrading gave me plenty of skills to choose from and let me create a far more versatile Ghost.

Bolivia is a fertile land that contains collectible after collectible. Whether we’re talking about picking up a new weapon, weapon accessory, intel, document or resource, Ghost Recon Wildlands is ripe for the picking. Collectibles are and always will be an addictive staple in open-world games.

Ubisoft rewards those who venture through the countless buildings and bases Bolivia features. Picking up certain documents helps you uncover the location of items like a new weapon or accessory. I really enjoy how weapons are discoverable and not just something you receive when you level up. The game encourages a player’s curiosity with seemingly countless rewards.

Taking to flight in Ghost Recon Wildlands (Courtesy of Ubisoft).

Ghost Recon Wildlands contains one of the biggest and most immersive worlds Ubisoft has ever made. Bolivia feels alive in a way that many games struggle to find. Missions are engaging with impressive depth to its objectives as well as its settings. Gameplay is addictive, fun and entertaining, no matter if you’re in single-player or co-op. Ubisoft’s Ghost Recon Wildlands isn’t just a magnificent co-op experience, but also a great game all together. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on Ghost Recon Wildands.

Ubisoft provided We Write Things with a PS4 code of Ghost Recon Wildlands for the purposes of this review. 

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